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Sales Tax Liability Report

I bought the Quickbooks 2020 upgrade last year. After installing it and opened my current business file I ran a Sales Tax Liability Report. The report showed a credit on one of my sales tax items that was never there before. I tried rebuilding the file no luck. I ran a STLR for a month before the upgrade to 2020 and it showed the credit which was not on the original report that I have a hard copy record. Therefore the problem was not there before the upgrade. Now all of a sudden it is there. I tried getting help from Quickbooks but they are telling me I have to pay them to fix the problem their upgrade caused. Let me just mention I am not a novice. I have been using Quickbooks for 22 years and have installed well over a dozen new versions and have never had this problem. 

Joshua R
QuickBooks Team

Sales Tax Liability Report

Good afternoon, @BDRCG


Welcome to the Community. 


To get to the bottom of the issue with the Sales Tax Liability Report, could you provide screenshots? I'd like to get a better understanding of what's going on so we can get you squared away. 


You can also take a look at how to resolve common sales tax issues. 


I'll be waiting for your response, reply to this thread. Thanks so much!

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Sales Tax Liability Report

Here is a screen shot of the report after reconciling what was owed last month. There should not be a balance. When I try to click on that credit it has no details unless I go back several years. I have used this same company file for all those years and never showed a credit balance. I have hard copies for all my tax reports for years without that credit balance until all of a sudden after the upgrade to 2020. 


Please don't ask me to review a document on how to use the software that I have been using for 20 years without issue. Unless of course you just fixed a 20 year old problem that Quickbooks has incorrectly calculated sales tax. I have been doing this long enough to recognize an issue that is never the developer's fault until the update is released that fixes the bug. 

Kendra H
QuickBooks Team

Sales Tax Liability Report

Hi there, @BDRCG.


Thank you for providing feedback and the screenshot.


I'd be glad to assist you with the Sales Tax Liability Report showing a credit balance.


After reviewing this thread, it looks the issue might be possible data issues. Let's follow these solutions to fix minor data issues with your company file.


Repair your company file using the Rebuild Data tool

  1. Go to the File menu, then hover over Utilities and select Rebuild Data.
  2. On the QuickBooks Information window, choose OK. Follow the onscreen steps to save a backup.
  3. Let the tool repair your file. It may take some time. QuickBooks may seem stuck, but as long as you can move your mouse, the tool is working.
  4. When the tool finishes, click OK.
  5. Go to the File menu. Then hover over Utilities and go to Verify Data.
  6. Let the tool check your file for data issues.

If QuickBooks doesn't find any problems, select OK. You can keep using your company file. You don't have any data damage.


If QuickBooks finds an issue with your company file, select Rebuild Now.


If you’re still having data issues after rebuilding your company file, try again. If the first rebuild took 2+ hours, contact support


If you have any more questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach back out. Happy Thursday!

Level 1

Sales Tax Liability Report

I started this process by talking to the Chat Support first. At that time, I did the rebuild process twice. I just did it again. None of the 3 times that I have done it showed any issues during the rebuild. After 3 times the problem in the Liability remains unchanged.

Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Sales Tax Liability Report

Good Evening, @BDRCG.


It's my priority that you're able to get back to business by running a Sales Tax Liability report with debit instead of a credit. To receive the best solution to this issue, I recommend contacting our Support Team so they can look further into your account with their advanced tools.


Here's how:


1. Open QuickBooks.

2. Go to Help.

3. Choose QuickBooks Desktop Help.

4. Type in your question or give a brief description of the issue 

5. Select Get a Callback.




This link may be helpful in the future about your Sales Tax Liability report.


QuickBooks is always here to have your back. I'm only a comment away if you need me.

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