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Scanning receipts date code solution

Hello all. Just wondering if anyone has a solution to the varied format that companies use for their date code. When we scan a receipt the date is scanned but it can be ambiguous because the month /day can be different between each company. Has anyone found a program or scanning software that can read the date and know based on user input which is the month and which is the day? What would be ideal is that you tell it that business "x" uses "y" format and from then on it re arranges it so it's correct and consistent in the entries. Manually adjusting each scan is a pain.

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Re: Scanning receipts date code solution

What software are you currently using to scan the receipts? I find receiptbank to be very intuitive and able to identify the correct date.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Scanning receipts date code solution

We're unable to suggest a scanning receipt software, Cabinman.


However, QuickBooks Desktop syncs with hundreds of scanning receipts third-party apps. You can visit our Marketplace to check the list. Once you've chosen an app, you can contact their support to connect it to our software. They will also provide the guidelines on how to use it. 


If you need more help, we're just a comment away.