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Serial Numbers


Each year I need to clear out our existing inventory which includes serial numbers. I currently have 5,538 serial numbers that need to be removed. Each serial contains up to 10 characters and they are not in numeric order. QB limits the amount of characters that can be removed at one time so I can only remove about 355 serial numbers at a time. Also, it would be great if QB would just select the first 355 serial numbers in the list for me but it doesn't so I have to select them individually. This will take forever. Any suggestions?

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Serial Numbers

Hey there, catrabago,


Thanks for getting in touch with the Community today. I can share some insights about the serial numbers in QuickBooks Desktop.


That's a good question! Being able to auto-select serial numbers for removal is a great idea we can add in QuickBooks. While this option is currently unavailable, I'd recommend submitting a product request to our engineers.


Your suggestion helps them understand where we can improve and what features should be added so we can better serve you. You can follow the steps below for them to account your request:

  1. Click the Help menu bar.
  2. Scroll down to Send Feedback Online.
  3. Select Product Suggestion.
  4. Choose Product Suggestion for the Type of Feedback.
  5. Product Area is optional.
  6. Enter your suggestion.
  7. Click Send Feedback.

I'll do the same thing on my end to reinforce your request. 


Please notify me if whenever you need QuickBooks help. I'm here to ack you up. Have a good one!

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