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Bryan L Johnson
Level 1

Ship to address on Customer Statement (Desktop)

How do I get the Ship To Address data filed to populate on client billing statements for QB Desktop?

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Joesem M
QuickBooks Team

Ship to address on Customer Statement (Desktop)

Thanks for joining the Community space, @Bryan L Johnson.


Once you create a statement for your client, you can only see the Billing address field. As a workaround, you can manually enter the ship-to address in the billing address field, so you can view it when you create a statement. Let me guide you how:


  1. Go to the Customer menu.
  2. Select Create Invoices.
  3.  Enter the name and necessary details.
  4. In the Bill To box enter the Ship to Address.
  5. Enter the necessary details.
  6. Click Save&Close or Save&New.


 Once done, you can create a statement for your client and click the Print preview option to see the changes. Here's how:


  1. Select Create Statements.
  2. Under Select Customers, choose the preferred method.
  3. Click the Preview button.
  4. (Optional) Choose a template to format the statement the way you want.
  5. Select the statement dates.
  6. Choose the customers you want to print statements for.
  7. Select any additional options you want like Show invoice item detailsPrint by billing address zip code, and Print due dates on transactions.
  8. If you’ve set up payment terms for your customers, you can click Assess Financial Charges.
  9. Click Print or Email.


Want to learn more about creating statements in QuickBooks Desktop? Feel free to check this article: Create a billing statement.


If you have other tasks to do after creating statements, please don't hesitate to check our help articles. They can guide you in managing your income, vendors, expenses, and your company file. Select and read an article here or choose a specific topic at the bottom of the page. 


Let me know if you have any other questions. I'll be more than glad to share additional insights and help whenever you need one. Have a great rest of the week! Take care.

Bryan L Johnson
Level 1

Ship to address on Customer Statement (Desktop)

This is not a good solution. The Mailing Address shows up in the location that it does because that fit's our window envelopes. The Post Office won't know what to do with this kind of address. Plus it is a labor intensive process when we have to send out a couple hundred statements each month and then go back afterwards and reverse the process so that actual invoices can go out normally only to have to do it again the following month. Invoices have this field why can't Statements?

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