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Slow Close Company/Logoff function QB19

Our company recently switched to QuickBooks 19 from 17 and now it takes several minutes for the company file to logoff when you hit the close company/logoff button. We have tried just about every solution and even did a condense which made the file about half the size is previously was but it still takes several minutes to log off. One thing we have noticed is that a user with view-only privileges can logoff almost instantly but it just sits there for a few minutes when a user with more access tries to log off. Is anyone else having this issue?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Slow Close Company/Logoff function QB19

I only see you reporting this behavior, dmackessy. We can run some steps to make QuickBooks close your files faster.


Aside from condensing your company file, you can also close any open windows in QuickBooks before closing your file. Just click the Window menu at the top and select Close All. If you have unsaved transactions, you'll be prompted to save them first before they'll be closed.


If you still get the same behavior, your Admin user can change her password. This step will refresh all user profiles on your company file.


On the other hand, please keep your QuickBooks updated. The updates contain fixes that can make it run smoothly.


Please let me know if you still need help, or if you have other observations to share.