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Smart Phone Invoice Capture

Mountains of paper receipts and Emailed receipts pile up. Saving, archiving, regurgitating for IRS proof, and allocation to expense accounts--- causes a need to save them in SOME form. For me, paper and Invoice Image data STILL reside in PILES of  dated cardboard boxes. ( or files alphabetically stored in Image scanned disconnected files in my computer. )


Make a purchase, get a receipt. You would think it is finished?  NO-- I must now pay my bookkeeper to scan it, and file it in a retrievable fashion so that we may revisit it again to allocate as an expense--(or whatever)  in (or outside of ) Quick books. So, a simple purchase turns into an ancient caveman like rat's nest of paper and data that reeds to be organized--that takes more time and more money. 

Addressed poorly using "Neat Desk"-- I gave up on that company who requires even MORE work to organize receipts. Scanning equipment cannot handle crumpled paper, and scanning from glass causes EACH receipt to become a 60 second waste of valuable time thousands of times over and over. 

  Recently, Quick Books advertised ( using Danny Di-veto as a spokesman) " END OF RECEIPTS FOREVER", Yet, he does not explain HOW.  

   WHO of you users out there have used the Smart Phone Document Scan offered by Quick Books?  Does it allow archiving? Search for OCR recognizable Data? Instant recall of any Invoice Image for research purposes? Integration with Expense Accounts? Operation on Quick Books Desktop as opposed to the ill-fated and undesirable  "Quick Books On-Line"?  Need a little experienced help here. Thank You!

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Re: Smart Phone Invoice Capture

Thanks for posting here in our forum, @ODDJim,


I can share some information about the scan manager in QuickBooks Desktop.


At the moment, mobile receipt scanning is available only for QuickBooks Online mobile app users. While QuickBooks Desktop is a different platform, the scanning process and devices may vary.


To scan your documents and attach them to your transactions, you'll need to set up the Scan Manager feature. This works by installing a compatible scanning device or product compatible with QuickBooks Desktop.


You can choose any scanners as long as it is TWAIN compliant. You can run the TWAIN compatibility tool to check whether the device is compatible with the QuickBooks check scanning software. I'm including an article with the steps to install the tool: Run the TWAIN compatibility tool manually


Check out the following article for detailed steps and information: Set up QuickBooks Scan Manager.


Also, there's a separate forum for developers where you can find tips and help with program integrations for different applications in QuickBooks. You can visit them through this link: Intuit Developer.


Feel free to post an update if you need further help or need additional assistance. We have helpful contributors in this forum and I'm always here whenever you need a hand.

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