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Someone is using my information to access quickbooks

I just got an email to my main email on my QB account and cc to someone I don't know -

the email was from QB to a Intuit.glance hosting session.

Who can I contact about this is there anyone around on Saturday to call?


They are trying to get into my account!

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Re: Someone is using my information to access quickbooks

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, @Anangel4u2.


I'm here to help you out with this and ensure you can protect your data from possible tech support scams.


This unusual glance session may be made by a third party impersonating Intuit. You can remove any remote management tools that may have been downloaded on your computer during the encounter. I'd recommend reporting this to 


Always look at the header of the email to see if it came from an Intuit email address ( and verify the phone number to ensure it is a real Intuit phone number. If in doubt, call us on our corporate phone number. You can refer to this security blog for the number and for the steps you'll need to take if you've already encountered a tech support scammer: Intuit Online Security Center.


For QuickBooks Support number, you can refer to this link:


Our real-time help is available from Monday to Friday, 5 AM - 5 PM PST.


Keep me posted on how it goes. I want to ensure your company data is protected. I'm here to help you further if needed.

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