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Budget Friendly Bookkeeping
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Sort or Filter Rules by Account

I understand in the creation of a Rule there's a choice of what Account it belongs to.  This is not my question.  When I select Banking and choose a Bank or Credit Card, I would like to see only those Rules that apply to that account when I click on the Rules tab.  Perhaps I'm simply not seeing this option  I haven't looked in the Desktop version yet, but I'll lay odds that it's available since desktop usually has better functionality over online.


My reasoning for this request is that this client has hundreds and hundreds of rules.  I need to be able to see only those rules that apply to each Bank or Credit Card.  I'll even settle for a report for Rules that I can sort by Account...


As always, I thank you in advance for helping with this understanding.

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Sort or Filter Rules by Account

Hi there, Budget Friendly Bookkeeping


For now, sorting out bank rules by account is not available in both QuickBooks Desktop and QBO. Though, you can export the list of rules from QuickBooks Online to Excel. Then, sort them out from there. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Rules tab.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow for New rule and select Export rules.

You can also send a feature request about getting an option to filter or sort rules by account. Our engineers will review all feedback from our customers and will review them for future updates. Just go to the Gear icon and click Feedback


You're always welcome to visit us again if you have other questions. 


Budget Friendly Bookkeeping
Level 5

Sort or Filter Rules by Account

Thank you for responding to this as it makes me feel confident enough to know that I asked a question relevant to a possible change. 


The one thing I will recommend in the feature request feedback area, is to automatically create a feature request based on the topic that was answered by advising to send in the feature as a suggestion for improvement of change.  Why not eliminate a step ;).


Anyway, again, thank you.  At least I can put this to rest in my brain :).

QuickBooks Team

Sort or Filter Rules by Account

Thank you for getting back to us, Budget Friendly Bookkeeping.


I want you to know that your voice matters and we value your willingness to help us improve our products. I also submitted a feedback on your behalf for your request to get more votes.


You can track feature requests through the QuickBooks Online Feature Requests website. Also, please visit our blog site to stay current on all the QuickBooks news and updates.


Of course, you can always drop by here in the Community for any questions you need help with. We're always happy to serve you. 


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