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Split transaction to multiple payees

Maybe I set this up wrong, but here's the scenario:


I have a duplex that has one water meter supplying both units.  I pay the water for the tenants.  When I pay that bill I would like to split this expense between both units in quickbooks so that it doesn't appear to be an expense to only one of the units (it makes the report look real bad).  When I am in the expense transaction edit screen it forces me to decide which payee to apply the expense to.  Is there a way to have a single expense that is split between 2 or more payee accounts?  I must be missing something fundamental about how this should be setup. 

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Split transaction to multiple payees

Hello, afenkner.


Currently, there isn’t a direct way of recording an expense with two payee accounts. You can instead create two separate transactions or create a Journal Entry as a workaround.


You can also share your preferred way of splitting transactions with our developers through feedback. Just click theGear icon at the top and select Feedback.


Please get back to us if you have further questions.


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Split transaction to multiple payees

Hello, MikiD,


Would another acceptable option be to use a Clearing Bank Account and transfer the original transaction there and then create other entries in the bank register, which would allow you to add separate payees, descriptions, memos, etc.?

QuickBooks Team

Split transaction to multiple payees

Hi there, on!


MikiD doesn't have a duty schedule today, but the rest of the team is here to answer your question.


Technically, your suggestion will work, but I can't confirm if it's the right way to record it. You may verify this with an accountant.


I've got a different way to record this. Instead of entering and paying the bill, afenkner can create an expense transaction. Then, split the amount into two accounts/categories that represent the tow tenants. Please see the screenshots below.



Feel free to let us know if you have other questions.

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