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Tracking/assigning multiple jobs to customer

Is there a way in Quickbooks Enterprise to assign multiple jobs to a customer.  In other words, we would like to setup different jobs under a customer which could be tracked separately, but then be able to run a report for the customer to see the different jobs for that customer.

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QuickBooks Team

Tracking/assigning multiple jobs to customer

Hi there, Bernie!


Yes, the setup you like is possible in QuickBooks Enterprise. I'm happy to show you how.


To assign multiple jobs, you can right-click on the name of the customer and choose Add Job. It's just like adding another customer profile, but it's a parent and sub customer setup.



To track transactions for each job, just create a sales receipts, invoices or estimates, and choose the job name as the payee. If you'll enter billable expenses, just select the job in the CUSTOMER:JOB field of a vendor transaction.


As for the reports, you can run the Transaction List By Customer.. This will show you the list of sales transactions for all parent customers. You can also right-click on the parent customer and choose QuickReport [Customer's name]. Alll sales reports will include the transactions per job.


Let's have one sample report. Let's say we need to send the list of outstanding transactions to Jimmy Jones. I can right-click on his name and choose Open Balance: Jimmy Jones, and the report will look like below.



Here are some articles for your reference:

Wishing you more jobs to come! Just let us know if you need help tracking jobs with special setups or anything that you find challenging to enter in QuickBooks. We'll help you.

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