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Transferring inventory items qbo



I am using QBO Plus. I have two warehouses where each warehouse has its own sales and expenses. The major warehouse transfers items to the minor one. Is there a way to transfer inventory from one location to another?



Rachid Tohme


Transferring inventory items qbo

Hello there Rachid,


Online inventory transfer is only available for the platinum version of QuickBooks Enterprise. You can manually adjust an item's quantity without recording a purchase or sale, to match what you have in stock. In order to change the quantity and value to another inventory item, it requires a work around.


  1. Lower the quantity of the item that is to be moved.
  2. Note the value, at the bottom right.
  3. Find the new item
  4. In the new total value, enter the adjustment value you noted.
  5. in the NEW QTY column, enter the quantity you lowered.

If the new quantity of the item is greater than zero, you have to find the current quantity and value. Change the adjustment type to value and take note of it. Change the adjustment type back to quantity and value.


When you increase the new item, you have to add the current adjustment value to what is presently in stock. Do the same thing for quantity. Here's how to manually adjust an item's quantity to match what you actually have in stock.

  1. Click the Plus (+) icon on the upper right.
  2. Under Other, choose Inventory Qty Adjustment.
  3. Enter the adjustment rate.
  4. In the Inventory adjustment account drop-down, select the appropriate account.
  5. Select the products in the Products field. (The description and current quantity on hand will auto-populate)
  6. Enter a new quantity for each item.
  7. Select Save.

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Level 1

Transferring inventory items qbo

how to transfer inventory items between two assembly items. as a example if there are two assembly items, there are separate inventory items need to build assembly. but also can use each inventory item both of above inventory items when produce above assembly in physically. so how we can transfer one inventory item to another assembly items if there like above situation.?????

QuickBooks Team

Transferring inventory items qbo

Hi there, DNM2MAIL.


QuickBooks Online does not have the inventory assembly function at the moment. You might want to use Bundles as a workaround or use a third-party application that can help with inventory assemblies.


If you're already using Bundles, you might want to edit them to change or remove items. Just look for the bundle under Products and Services, then click the Edit link below the Action column. 


Please check these articles about the inventory functions in QuickBooks Online:


You're always welcome to ask questions in the Community if you need further help. 

Level 3

Transferring inventory items qbo

There are several methods how to manage assemblies, but functionally speaking, QBO does not have specific functionality for it, as stated by JenoP above.


So, generally, these options are in two categories: either using manual methods or workarounds in QBO (options 1-3), or using an external manufacturing app that plugs into QBO (option 4 below).


Option 1. Manual journals.

Recording manual journals at every step from Raw materials -> Work in progress -> Finished goods -> Cost of Goods sold.


Option 2. A workaround, which gets the same result as previous, without using manual journals.


Option 3. Bundles.


But this does not let you track the inventory of those assemble products. A bundle is the same as selling a kit of items.


Option 4. Choose an inventory or a manufacturing app that can do it.

In the QuickBooks app store there are inventory apps that support light assembly, and several apps dedicated for manufacturing and manufacturing inventory, like MRPeasy, depending on depth/complexity required. They sync automatically with QBO.

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