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True Multi-Monitor Support

Hello All.  I would like to tender a suggestion please:  True multi monitor support would incredibly beneficial.  At present, display scaling percentage must be set to 100% on both monitors (making Quickbooks difficult to see, even on my 32" monitors) and resolution must match on both monitors (not always feasible.)


It would be so helpful to be able to drag my invoice screen to one monitor and see my bills or P/L on the other monitor at the same at.  By that I mean that it would be helpful without having to make adjustments to monitor settings.  Having to modify display settings in order to utilize Multi Monitor mode is simply inconvenient.


I utilize other applications that have true and well designed support for multiple monitors.  Some of these applications are many years old.  Surely Quickbooks can develop something similar.  It would be a massive improvement to Quickbooks if an easy to use multiple monitor function was introduced into the environment.

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