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Two Sales Rep Lists

I seem to have 2 different lists for “rep”. My sales orders show one list in the drop down. It is the list that matches the one you find in Lists>Customer & Vendor Profile Lists>Sales Rep List. The 2nd list appears on my purchase orders. It is also a drop down and it’s a custom data field added to the template. This list does not show all of my active reps. It also lists inactive reps where the other list does not. I cannot find where to edit this list.

I also find that when customizing reports, if I want to choose the “Rep” field, there are 2 to choose from.

Where is this second list? Why do I have one? Where do I edit it?


Re: Two Sales Rep Lists

Hi there, ginahicks.


Let me provide a few details about the sales rep list in QuickBooks Desktop. 


It could be that a sales rep you've added is associated with your vendor. That's why it appears on the purchase order. When creating a sales rep in QuickBooks, you have to specify them as either an employee or vendor. 


So you're aware, the list will only appear on sales forms, allowing you to associate specific sales reps with the sales to track their income.


You can review the Sales Rep Type by following these steps:

  1. Go to List.
  2. Select Customer & Vendor Profile Lists.
  3. Choose Sales Rep List.
  4. Locate the sales rep and check the sales rep type. 

I've added a screenshot below, so you'll know what I'm referring to.


Sales Rep.PNG


Just in case, I'm linking an article that will help you pull up a sales by rep report based on gross profit: Customer, job, and sales reports.


That should do it. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. I'll be sure to get back to you if you're referring to something else.

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Re: Two Sales Rep Lists

Yes, I know how to get to the sales rep list as I explained in my question.  I need to know how to get to the list that is appearing on my purchase orders.  The two lists are different.  The sales reps on this list are not associated with any of my vendors.  This list appears on every single purchase order, not one in particular.  

QuickBooks Team

Re: Two Sales Rep Lists

Thanks for reaching back out, @ginahicks.


I'm here to help you get this sales rep concern sorted out so you can get back on track.


To better isolate this issue, may I ask for a screenshot of the two different sales reps that are showing up on your end. This would be helpful for me to figure this thing out. 


Please get back to me with more details and we'll take it from there. I'll be keeping an eye out for the response on this. Have a good one

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Re: Two Sales Rep Lists

I have attached a screenshot of the drop down list for rep that is appearing on the purchase orders.  I have also attached a screenshot of the sales rep list as it appears on the customer and vendor profile lists menu.  You can see that the 2 lists are different.  The list that appears on the purchase orders is incorrect.

Sales Rep List2.PNG.jpg Sales Rep List.PNG


Re: Two Sales Rep Lists

I appreciate you coming back to the Community, ginahicks.


Thanks a lot for providing us the screenshots. Knowing so will help us isolate the problem.


The Sales Rep from the Lists menu can be added to sales transactions. However, as you've mentioned the sales rep on the purchase order was added as a custom field in the vendor's profile. Please follow the steps I've laid out below to edit it:


  1. Select Vendors at the top menu bar.
  2. Choose the Vendor Center.
  3. Double-click the vendor's name.
  4. Select the Additional Info tab.
  5. Click the Define Fields box.
  6. Locate the Rep field.
  7. From the What kind of data? column, choose Edit multi-choice list.
  8. Add the names you want to show on the Purchase order.
  9. Click OK twice.


Take a look at this article for the detailed steps: Use QuickBooks Desktop custom fields.


That should answer your concern today.


Please let me know how that works you. I'll be here should you have follow-up questions. Enjoy your day.

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