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Budget Friendly Bookkeeping
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Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Many moons ago, I switched a client over to QBO from QBD.  In doing so, I needed some assistance to get the file transferred as there were issues.  After finally getting the client uploaded and working, the CSR showed me how to use the Briefcase to open another window in Google Chrome so that I can work on multiple companies simultaneously.  I was totally impressed and we left smiling and cheering. This took place on Oct 22, 2019.


So about a week later, cannot recall exactly, I started working on multiple clients and all of a sudden I was getting:

Something’s not quite right
Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

This message appeared on the first company and not the second.  In other words, when I go back to the window where I originally selected "new window" from the briefcase, I get this message going into any function.
I ended up chatting with a CSR and the decision was to escalate this matter and that I would be kept posted by way of emails.  After a few weeks I contacted them again as I didn't hear back and the problem persisted.
Upon speaking the the 2nd CSR, we did everything imaginable taking away, once again, billable time.  Again I was told this would be escalated as an emergency issue and that I would "Definitely" be kept in the loop.
It is now 6 weeks perhaps, since all this started and still there's no resolution to this.  Again, we tried Incognito mode, different browsers, clearing cache, etc...
So today I had a rare opportunity.  I rebuilt one of my laptops and have Windows Pro 10 updated to v1909, the absolute latest and greatest ;).  The very first thing I tried was opening multiple companies, keeping in mind it is the very first time I even opened Google Chrome.  I got the very same message.
I then jumped over to MS Edge and tried it there.  This time I get a different message:
Something’s not quite right
Failed to read.
I have read dozens of reported issues on this matter and do not see any consistent fix if any, and all I keep seeing is the same reply about clearing cache, restarting the computer, etc...
Since chatting with the promise of "I'll be kept informed" didn't work TWICE, I am now writing up in the community so as to keep a real record of conversations with the experts.
Please don't give me the standard links, PLEASE!  I beg of you.  I'm an x-IT guy with over 40 years of accounting and IT and this is not a computer issue, it is a programming glitch.  I simply want to be keep updated of the progress and where the engineers are in getting this understood and corrected.
WE THE PEOPLE do not deserve having to spend dozens(*10) of unpaid hours trying to figure out whether it is us or them.  You are forcing us to become Windows experts or software analysts, when all we want to do is get the job done!
Thanks you.
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QuickBooks Team

Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

I appreciate you performing some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue, Budget Friendly Bookkeeping.


We understand how you want to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Rest assured that our engineers are all hands on deck to fix this.


Since this has already been escalated, we'll surely take the time to let you know on this thread if we receive updates.


You can check out this link for any updates about QuickBooks:


Let us know if you have other questions about QuickBooks. I'll make sure to get back.

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