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Upgrading 2012 enterprise to 2020

I have QB 2012 Enterprise installed on Server 2008 and want to upgrade to QB 2020 Enterprise on server 2019.  Will I be able to upgrade directly to 2020 Enterprise from 2012 (Latest R#) without having to do interim database upgrades along the way?  Or is there a Tool to do this for me? 

The company has been shuttered for awhile but the database contains some important information they want access to going forward as the new entity.

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

QuickBooks Team

Upgrading 2012 enterprise to 2020

Hi, @TGrabowski318.


I’m here to help you upgrade your QuickBooks 2012 Enterprise to QuickBooks 2020. You’ll need to create a backup file to make sure that the data will be saved before upgrading. Let’s perform step by step to back up your company file:


  1. Go to the File menu, pick Back Up Company, and then choose to Create Local Backup.
  2. Locate Local Backup.
  3. Push Options.
  4. In the Tell us where to save your backup copies field, hit Browse and select the location in which to save the backup copy.
  5. Select OK.
  6. In the Create Backup window, specify whether to back up automatically, and view Options to set options for automatic backups.
  7. Find New to set a backup schedule in the Schedule Backups dialog.
  8. Click Finish.


Check out this article for reference: Create a Backup of your Company File.


After, you can update your QuickBooks 2012 to the 2020 version.


Follow this link to upgrade your Company File.


If there are other questions, I’m here to help. Have a great evening.

Level 13

Upgrading 2012 enterprise to 2020


You may follow these steps:

1. Install the trial license of Enterprise 2020 on your computer

2. Create a backup copy of your 2012 file and restore it on your trial license

3. If you can open it, you are ready to purchase the license and upgrade your OS.

4. Otherwise, call and ask Intuit Data Service to convert it.

5. Should you need to resolve it in due course, consider purchasing a 3rd party conversion service.


Hope it helps.

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