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Void or delete an invoice that is linked to a sales order

I created a progress invoice from a sales order and then found out the project has been delayed. I want to void or delete this invoice in such a way that the dollar amount it was for shows up again in the sales order as being uninvoiced, and will appear in the Open Sales Orders by Customer report. 

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Re: Void or delete an invoice that is linked to a sales order

Thank you for reaching out in the Community, @kbs3.


It's my pleasure to help provide details about deleting or voiding an invoice that's linked to a sales order.


You can void the invoice so that it'll no longer exist in your accounting balances as well as your customer balance. This option is useful if you've issued an incorrect invoice or in your case, a delayed project. Voiding the invoice allows you to keep track of it for any future business reasons.


Here's how to void the open invoice:

  1. Go to Customers menu and select Customer Center.
  2. Locate the job name for the project.
  3. Select the invoice transaction you need to void. 
  4. Click the Delete drop-down arrow and select Void.
  5. Save & Close when done.

However, if you don't need any trace of the invoice, you may select the Delete option. If you need to review any invoices that have been voided or deleted, you can do so by clicking the Reports menu on the menu bar, then click Accountant and Taxes and select Voided/Deleted Transactions Summary.


That should do it. For other references that may help you in the future, you can check this helpful link: Income and expenses for QuickBooks Desktop.


Please feel free to let me know if you should need further assistance with your sales order. I'm always here to help. Hope you have a wonderful week.