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What to do when page won't open after pushing "reconcile"?

I pushed the "reconcile" button and the circular loop button goes round and round without opening the document.
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What to do when page won't open after pushing "reconcile"?

Hello Karen,


Loading issues can possibly caused by piled-up cache files on your browser. We can do browser troubleshooting steps to get rid of the cache-related issues.

  1. Open a private browser and click the Reconcile button again.
  2. If you can do it successfully, you can go back to your regular browser and clear the cache storage.
  3. Use other supported browsers if necessary.

Let me know how this goes. I'll be around.

Level 1

What to do when page won't open after pushing "reconcile"?

I have opened a different browser and I cleared my cache on the browser I was on.  Neither caused this problem to go away.

QuickBooks Team

What to do when page won't open after pushing "reconcile"?

Thanks for sharing the details you’ve done, @debvand.


I also appreciate the troubleshooting steps you've done to fix this. Since the issue persists, I recommend contacting our Support team to securely look into your account. There, they can do some additional steps and investigate the cause of this. Let me guide you how to reach them in your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account.

  1. Go to the (?) Help icon. 
  2. Choose the Talk to a human option (type it again if prompted).
  3. Enter the details of your issue when asked. 
  4. Select I still need a human.
  5. Click the Contact us link.
  6. Enter the details in the box and click Let's talk.
  7. Choose either Get a call or Start messaging if you prefer to chat.  contact support.JPG

I also recommend checking our support hours page to know the best time to contact them that is convenient for you.


Additionally, I’ve added this article that serves as your future reference in case you need to remove transactions that are already reconciled: Undo and remove transactions from reconciliations in QuickBooks Online. This link can guide you through the process efficiently.


You can always post a reply if you have other concerns or questions in reconciling your accounts. I’m more than happy to help you out.

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