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When to assign serial numbers for custom assemtly

We are in the process of switching our accounting to QB Enterprise Manufacturing with Advanced Inventory. I'm a long-time, experienced QB user, but not with Serial Numbers.


Our company hand-assembles archery bows, and we build to order - we don't generally keep stock on hand. Each bow has a unique serial number. In our current accounting system, we enter a sale as a Sales Order, print the Sales Order, a Picking List, and a Delivery Docket - this paperwork is sent to the plant for assembly. Once the bow is shipped, I get the paperwork back, assign the serial number on the Sales Order, then convert the Sales Order to an invoice.


I have started to set up a similar process in Enterprise, but have encountered problems related to when I can enter the serial number without negatively affecting other financial indicators.


Problem: When I use our current paperwork process, I get the Negative Quantity Notice when I enter an order because I haven't done the Build Assembly (because I don't have the serial number yet). I can't add a serial number in the Sales Order itself - I can only choose from existing serial numbers from completed Build Assemblies.


I can't do the Build Assembly first because I don't have the serial number for the bow until after it's built.

I can't create a Sales Order to start the process because I get Negative Quantity notices that my COGS and other cost-related reporting will be affected.


I'm hoping that someone can help outline a process for me that will work with our manufacturing system. I don't know if I can use a Pending Build - I'm just not familiar enough with how serial numbers are processed in the underlying database tables, and I want to do this right the first time.


Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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When to assign serial numbers for custom assemtly

An assembly item in QB is unique, the exact same parts are used to make it over and over.

If you are building custom bows to order, an assembly item is not what you use.

serial and lot numbers in enterprise were poorly implemented IMO, play with the sample file.  You can have more serial numbers listed than you have qty on hand, or less, or when you sell an item with listed serial number you can ignore them and enter the number you want on the invoice or sales receipt.

since you assign the serial number when it is built, that is part of the sales documentation. 

take the order, send a work order (estimate or sales order) to the shop, they build it.  You get the work order back noting parts used - do an inventory adjustment to lower the qty of parts used.

Create the invoice and assign the serial number, a custom field in the column section works well for this.

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