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Why is the credit not showing on invoice, once processed.

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Re: Why is the credit not showing on invoice, once processed.

Thank you for posting in the Community, @ril.


I'm here to help share some information about the credit showing on the invoice.


To ensure that I'm on the same page, are you referring to your customer's payment when you said the credit is not showing on your Self-Employed account? If so, that would mean the payment was not automatically marked as paid on the invoice. 


As long as your account is connected with your online bank, the transaction should automatically show as paid. However, if this is not the case, then you'll need to manually mark it as paid on the transactions page.


If you're referring to something else, please let me know. Any additional details would be greatly appreciated so I can provide you with the right information. Also, you can reach out to our QBSE support if you need help with your income's information.


I'll be on the lookout for your reply and help you further if needed.

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Re: Why is the credit not showing on invoice, once processed.

I finally figured out how to make an applied credit appear on an invoice. I had an overpayment that I had applied to the customer’s outstanding balance, but the invoice I wanted to send would not reflect that. As an illustration: The total for current services was $100. The customer had a credit of $25 that I applied, making the customer’s total outstanding liability $75. I could see that this was the total now due; however, the invoice for the $100 in services did not deduct the $25 or reflect the new $75 account balance.


The reason: an invoice is a document that reflects only the costs/items of the services it lists. A *statement* shows all transactions, including credits.   

Still, there are obvious problems with sending an invoice for more than the customer actually owes.   The answer? Edit your invoice template to add fields showing credit information.  I use Desktop for Mac, so I:

Go to Customers/Create Invoices, and open an invoice.

From the drop-down that shows the template I’m using, I select Edit Current Template. This opens the Layout Designer.


In the Invoice Fields, go to the Footer Tab.

Check the fields for Payments and Balance Due.  They will appear somewhere random on the template; drag them to where you want them to appear on the invoice. (I put them right at the bottom of the invoice, near the Invoice Total. I also modified “Payments" to say "Payments/Credits"). 

Now any payments or credits you’ve applied to that invoice will appear in the Payments field, and the Balance Due will show what is owed after the credits are deducted from the invoice total.  

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Re: Why is the credit not showing on invoice, once processed.



I don't cry much, but after hours slogging through QB "Help", on a very busy day, your solution brought tears of joy.

I re-phrased my question dozens of different ways, and NOT ONE solution was within a country mile of being a solution.

I almost gave up on yours, until I began to suspect the weird interface of active vs. print or PDF invoice renderings and decided to select the eyeball icon.


The fields that I had added were there and updated with the partial payment and the new balance!


Many thanks for posting that up...

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