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Bill paychecks from

Learn important information about checks sent to your vendors from

Your vendor may have gotten a check in the mail from In this article, we'll explain the details of the check. And other pertinent information about combining payments, depositing checks, and check expiration.

What your vendors see

Here's what your vendors will see on the checks they receive from

check and invoice bill pay example from QuickBooks and

Combining payments

When paying more than one bill with the same Process Date to the same vendor, you can choose to either combine the bill payments onto one check or keep them as separate checks. A single combined check can be more convenient. But sometimes it might be necessary to send separate checks, such as for a tax payment, or for the simplicity of reconciling specific bills with specific checks.

  • If combining payments: The vendor receives one check. The check stub lists the individual bill payments. The vendor receives one email confirmation. There is a fee for one check.
  • If sending separate payments: The vendor receives separate checks. Each check stub shows the first page of the related bill. The vendor receives one email confirmation for each bill payment. There is a separate fee for each check.

Depositing checks

Checks issued by can be deposited at your bank, like any other check. You can also use your bank's mobile deposit feature for a hassle-free deposit.

Note Checks issued by cannot be deposited using Electronic Check Conversion services. Transactions initiated by Check Conversion services will be rejected by our bank. However, in this case, the check will still be valid, and can still be deposited normally.

Check expiration

All checks issued after May 16, 2014 will be printed with the words “Void after 90 days”. On the 91st day after the date of issue, the check will expire. Checks issued before May 16, 2014 will not expire, and will still be honored at any time.

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