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Void an Online Bill Pay payment

Learn how to void a payment in Online Bill Pay.

If you made a mistake when you paid a bill to your vendor, you can void it to zero out the transaction. Here’s how.

  1. Go to Transactions, then Expenses.
  2. Select Pay Bills Online.
  3. Select the Payments tab.
  4. Find the payment that you want, then select Track Status.
  5. Select Void.
  6. Select the void request type:
    • Remit funds back to my bank account
    • Reissue a new payment to the vendor
  7. Enter your void request reason.
  8. Select Submit Request.

On the Expenses page, the status will now show Voided.


  • ePayments have a Void Deadline of 1PM PT on the business day before the deposit date.
  • We stop payment on voided checks, so we recommend that you provide the voided check number to your vendor and instruct them not to cash the voided check.
  • When a check was returned, an email notification will be received by users that are verified on the originating bank account.
  • When you print a check, it will expire on the 91st day after the date of issue. will void the payment, return the funds to the payer’s bank account, and revert the associated bill as Unpaid.

These fees don’t apply to:

  • ePayment and RPPS cancellations or voids
  • Check void requests that are not processed
  • Void & credit: USPS-returned checks that will be voided and funds credited back to the account
  • Expired checks

Lost check

If the payment was not received by the vendor or was not returned to you, there’s a $25.00 service fee to issue a stop payment.

A higher fee for higher risk because the USPS did not return the check to us. We have to make sure that the check is not cashed.

Incorrect address

If the check was sent to an incorrect address and USPS returned it to, there’s a $3 service fee to void and reissue a check.

A lower fee for a lower risk because USPS returned the check to us. There’s no chance that the check was cashed.

Checks can't be mailed in directly to the address on the envelope. The PO Box will only accept mail returned within the USPS internally. The $25 fee will not be avoided by mailing the check in manually.

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