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ACH Payments

Hi, @madlogo.


I understand this is not the kind of service you want to experience with the payments that are taking long to transfer.


I'll take note of this and pass it along. Letting us know what works best for you will show our developers what they need to consider in future product updates. 


That said, please don't hesitate to reach out in the Community again if you need anything else or if you have other questions about processing ACH payments. 

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ACH Payments

The length of time QBO takes to deposit ACH payments is the worst I have ever seen or heard of. I rarely will allow clients to use this payment form. I can get a check in the mail twice as fast as QBO takes to do it electronically.  I have spoken to many accounting professionals who agree with me too. 

QBO is simply not concerned about how we, as customers, feel about this as has been made very clear by the deflecting and repetitive responses in this thread.  The best thing is to no longer use this "service".

  I have spoken to my banker and been informed it is not possible, in ordinary circumstances, for an ACH payment to take as long as QBO says it does.  Just understand QBO does not operate in your best interests, only their own and if you want to use their so called "service" you have to accept their methods. 

Your clients  can easily set up ACH payments through their bank directly into your bank account and the fee, if any, is very low.  Plus you will know when the money will be in your account and not be wondering and checking constantly to see if it has been deposited.  I am setting my clients up to use this direct method and no longer click the box to allow QBO ACH payments through the bank. 

Small business owners cannot afford to wait up to two weeks, as I have personally experienced even though there were no issues with the payments or accounts, to get the money earned. 

The reputation of Intuit is suffering from the unfair practices and disregard for their customers wants and needs.  I have been using it for many years and used to be very loyal to their products, but many of them I cannot in good conscience recommend any longer. 

Level 11

ACH Payments


Now all of sudden, they can do the next day deposit on ACH payment now.

You just have to call them, wait 1 hour on the phone and ask for this new service.

The only catch is they will charge 1% on this ACH payment. Yes, 1.00%, not a few cents like 50 cents that Intuit used to charge on ACH a few years ago.



Level 3

ACH Payments

So now we know it’s not a technical limitation.


They’re capable of doing what many other banks do for free, but they choose not to.


Maybe they’ll consider making it free for customers who have been paying them monthly for a year or more.  


This is ridiculous. 

Level 1

ACH Payments

You all realize that Paypal, Stripe, etc. all charge their full fee (2.9% or whatever) on ACH transfers so QBO is still significantly cheaper than the competition?


Sure anything feels expensive coming from free, but these are the realities of online payments.

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ACH Payments

Yes, I'm adding to this conversation too. QuickBooks is making money on our hard work and when I want to get paid I've got to wait 5-7 days in the year 2019!!!!!!!  What is going on.  I shouldn't have to wait that long for my money...

I just called because all I can see in the Merchant center is pending...   ha ha 

called and they said 7 days hold - what - why send me an email today day 1 and say I just got paid and come to find out I'm not getting paid for another 7 days plus weekends...  THIS HAS TO STOP QUICKBOOKS... I for one am asking my bank if they can do better cheaper...

@ironpenboo wrote:

A client paid me on monday via qb ach.  Its now friday.  Payments still shows pending although history shows it cleared their bank on tuesday.  This is very frustrating and hard to sell a product to my clients (im an accountant) that i think is bad.  Is it always going to take over a week to get my money?  If so, im going to ask this client to use an outside qb method.


PAC Consulting
Level 1

ACH Payments

It is not the poor developers that you CSRs need to pass this information to. It is your management team, specifically your CFO and COO! They’re the ones who can change this policy. Small business owners - your customer base - can not afford to float a major corporation like QB. We require the use of our funds to float our own expenses. I am currently awaiting what could very well be my last QB ACH payment if I don’t see it in a much more reasonable timeframe than payments past. I understand your policy, I have from the beginning of our relationship,  and I know why you do it (even though not one QB employee has owned up to it on your forums); however I will not be using QB payment “services” in the future if I’m waiting another seven + days for this payment as I have all the rest. If even one had been deposited within a reasonable timeframe, I might be singing a different tune; but at this point you can add my voice to the chorus of disgruntled, paying customers tired of having our hard-earned money used in this manner.

Level 2

ACH Payments

I believe is fine for QB to set whatever fees they want to charge, but most of us know enough by now from talking to our banks and from dealing with other providers that we do not believe for a minute that it takes longer than 1-3 days regardless of what we are told here.  It is also not to change the banks processing time as stated in other QB blogs by QB moderators. Our banks have also stated that QBs answers are simply not true.

It is just a fee to create revenue for Intuit if they are not able to have free use of the ACH transaction funds for themselves for that 1-2 weeks of ACH "delay".

The NACHA rules that most financial institutions follow for ACH transactions are pretty clear about transaction delays and they are not at all as described by the QB moderators on the QB community.

Please stop blaming the "banks" or "the system" or "the network" or.... Intuit/QB should just own up to the fees they want to charge and move on. They are low or at least competitive for the most part and when they have you, the moderators, mislead/mis-characterize/spin/twist the story into something else it makes us not able to trust you anymore.

For a financial institution, what could be more damaging than throwing away the trust with your customers over some fees you are going to charge anyway one way or another?

If you were honest about the fees just being a way to make money for the convenience of the transaction or because you were not going to charge for the ACH transaction if we let you float the funds, I could understand that approach. We can then chose to pay the 1% or wait 1-2 weeks or decide to use another provider.


Not being upfront about it though and dishonestly blaming others is the part that is very troubling to me when you want us to do business together.

If Intuit/QB will not be honest about things that are this clear and obvious with just a bit of homework, what else are they not honest about where it is harder to ferret out the truth?
Thank you.

Dees Properties
Level 1

ACH Payments

QB payments just announced a ACH payment fee increase of 300%. This is going to cost my small business over $1000 extra per year. Just another case of big corporate bullies screwing the little man. This will give Intuit many $100m's of extra profit at the expense of small business owners. I would urge every QB customer who uses their payment platform to writ the Intuit board and voice your total disgust over this increase.

QuickBooks Team

ACH Payments

Hello, @Dees Properties.


This price increase helps us reinvest to improve the features you already have and introduce new tools that let you do more in less time. Additionally, we aim to provide efficient, reliable, and easy to use payment service, and constantly introduce new features and improvements to QuickBooks.


I understand that this costs you much than what is used to. I'll take note of this and send feedback to our engineers so they'll know and may consider your voice about the update.


We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve you. Let me know if you have any other questions by adding a comment below. I'm always here to help. Have a great weekend!

Level 1

ACH Payments

I have had the absolute worst experience as a business trying intuit QB merchant services for my payments from customers through ACH. We have lost countless hours on the phone on hold and being disconnected. I have spoken with numerous QB reps including those in the ACH department and the QB operational support. I have an invoice that was paid on April 1st!!! which has still not been deposited to my account because no one has competently solved the issue. It is April 15th! I was on hold for over 50 minutes today only to hear absolute silence. You should listen in on that call because I was giving whomever I couldn't hear, a piece of my mind as to how terrible this process has been, especially during this pandemic where you should be more on point with customer service. The whole calling in process is tedious with all the questions the automated system asks just to be asked for the same information again with each live representative. What is that?
Then you have people who do not care how this is affecting your business and have NO REAL SOLUTIONS, but make you think they do as you hang up only to find they are just passing the buck elsewhere. There is no email, no live chat, nothing to expedite the process when there is a problem. I am at my wits end here. If this is how dealing with QB as a merchant service provider is, I'm looking into other options as I type. We have 2 companies with QB and will not stand by while the money is played with in a "Float Game" by QB and not deposited into our business accounts.
We want this fixed now.

Dees Properties
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ACH Payments

I emailed the Intuit board regarding the massive increase in ACH deposit fees. They are not interested in reversing their decision. $1 increased to $3 !!!! Even in the world we are living in now they are screwing the small businesses that put them on the map !!!  They will now be receiving many extra $millions of extra profit, and the best bit their corporate value is " We care and give back " really !!! Well soon there wont be many small business left to add to their corporate profits.  I will be contacting the National press regarding this issue and hopefully they will run a story to shame these corporate bullies.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

ACH Payments

@Dees Properties @SkinZen 

Explore a 3rd party service. Benefits:

* Pay a vendor invoice with a bank transfer or ACH transfer for FREE.
* Stretch your cash flow by creating up to a 45-day float by paying bills via a credit card, even if the vendor doesn’t accept credit cards.
* Vendors get paid with a physical check or with electronic bank transfers. You choose how you pay.
* Schedule payments to be paid in the future to take advantage of vendors’ terms.
* 2-way sync with QuickBooks Online (data flows both ways).
* The setup of multiple users and approval workflows.

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ACH Payments

Way too slow for me. I was excited to use this payment method but it’s way to slow. 

Level 1

ACH Payments

Im new to QB and I got burned too, Unfortunately no one tells you this when you sign up,  my deposit was on hold for 10 dats, how am I supposed to pay my bills on time if Im 10 days behind on payments. Direct ACH 10 dats hold is unacceptable and frustrating for my business practice 

QuickBooks Team

ACH Payments

Welcome to QuickBooks family, @Sagas.


Thanks for joining in this conversation. Allow me to chime in and share some details about processing payments in QuickBooks Online (QBO). 


First and foremost, this isn't the variety of customer experience I want you to encounter. 


Since your business is fresh to our QuickBooks Payments feature, the ACH payments will take a bit longer during your first month. Some banks process the amount within 5 days or more than 10 days for the first 1 to 4 weeks while setting up the feature.


Rest assured after the first month, your payments will process at the regular deposit time. If you're using a next-day deposit, make sure to process the payments before 3 PM PT. That way, we'll deposit the amount in your bank account in the next business days. 


Here's the schedule table for your reference: 



You can always check the payment status by going to the Sales menu and select the Deposits tab. For more information, check out this article: Find out when QuickBooks Payments deposits customer payments.


However, if it's already 1 month and the processing is still the same, I'd recommend communicating with our Payments Support. They have advanced tools to check your payments and account as well to verify if there's something with your account. 


Here's how: 


  1. Go to this link:
  2. Complete the needed information to connect with a live support agent. 
  3. Tap Submit.


Check out our support hours and contact us at a time convenient to you: Support hours and types.


I've also added articles about payment fees, fixing hold accounts, and other relevant matters. 



Let me know if you have an additional concern in your business. I'm here to help you out. 

Level 2

ACH Payments

Well, you won't have the problem much longer, apparently. Intuit announced today that they will no longer offer the free ACH payment service that was so slow. Now all ACH payments will be deposited the next business day and will be charged a 1% transaction fee capped at $10. So, if you were willing to accept slow payments as a tradeoff for not paying a transaction fee, too bad for you.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

ACH Payments


Explore Melio to accept ACH payment for free.



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