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ACH Payments

Newbie to QB. My customer pays through ach into my bank account. I download the bank transactions and the payments are present.  I entered each invoice in for that customer. How do I link the invoices to that payment that shows it is already in the bank account and not in undeposited funds? 

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ACH Payments

Hello, cc0623.


You’ll need to create a payment transaction in QuickBooks first then match the payment into the downloaded bank transaction.

Here’s how to pay an invoice in QuickBooks.

  1. Open the invoice transaction.
  2. Click Receive Payments at the upper right corner.
  3. Fill in necessary information and click Save and Close.  

For additional information on how to match downloaded transactions, please refer to this article:


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Level 1

ACH Payments

By doing that it creates a duplicate transaction in the register.  Then i will have to delete the transaction that already downloaded. Correct? There is no other way to link the payment in my register to the invoice and mark as paid.


ACH Payments

Thanks for your quick response, cc0623.


I'm here to share more details with matching ACH bank transaction to an invoice payment in QuickBooks Desktop.


It looks like you've already added the ACH bank transaction into your bank register. If so, you'll want to delete the payment that was manually entered in QuickBooks Desktop. Then, update the posting account of the ACH deposit to Accounts Receivable in the bank register. It will then create a credit on the customer's account. Once done, apply the credit to the invoice.


Let me show you how:


To delete the payment:

  1. Click Customers at the top, then choose Customer Center.
  2. Click the customer's name.
  3. Under the Transactions tab, double-click the payment.
  4. Select the Delete icon at the top, then click OK to confirm (see the first screenshot).



To update the posting account of the recently added ACH bank deposit:

  1. Go to Lists at the top, then choose Chart of Accounts.
  2. Double-click the account to open the bank register.
  3. Locate the transaction and double-click the Deposit (see the second screenshot).
  4. Select the customer's name under the Received From column.
  5. Choose Accounts Receivable under the From Account column (see the third screenshot).
  6. Click Save & Close.

image.png image.png


To apply the credit to the invoice:

  1. Select Customers at the top, then choose Receive Payments.
  2. Choose the customer's name under the Received From drop-down.
  3. Select the invoice and verify that the amount of the ACH deposit shows under the Available Credits section (see the fourth screenshot).
  4. Click Save & Close.



Moving forward you can use the Match to Existing Transaction option to match the downloaded transaction with the invoice previously entered in QuickBooks (refer to the fifth screenshot).




The steps above should help you match the transactions. If you have other questions, I'm here to answer it. Just post it as a comment and I'll take a look at it. Enjoy your day.

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