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ACH Transfers through QB Online

We send invoices through Quickbooks to our customers & only give them the option to pay via ACH so that we get the funds deposited into our account ASAP. We've noticed that since doing this, the funds are actually taking longer to deposit into our bank vs. when we were taking credit card payments. Does anyone else have a problem here? How long do the ACH transfers typically take to hit your bank accounts?

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ACH Transfers through QB Online



"How long do the ACH transfers typically take to hit your bank accounts?"


To hit your QBO Banking > For Review tab, it usually takes 6-8 business days depending on your bank.

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ACH Transfers through QB Online

Regards, I will be doing this for the first time where my customer will be paying via ACH by  selecting the "view and pay" in electronic invoice email and then then the "Pay Now" button.  But i have a few questions you might be able to answer.


1. It is assumed that the "account type" will be selected by the paying customer to designate what account type he is using to pay me from. Is this correct?


2. It is assumed that the "routing number" and "account number" will be the inserted by the customer designating which routing number and account number they are paying me from.  Is this correct ?


3. It s noted that if the option for "Business Checking" of "Business Savings" is selected, the ACH input data screen is asking for the "account holders first name and last name".  This is a large company and the account payable staff may not know for a large company this "first name and last name" is this optional for the customer to be able to omit???


4. At the very bottom of ACH info entry screen it asks for "company name". I noticed that my company name as the vendor receiving payment is auto populated here. Should this be type over by the customer to enter the paying customer company name??

QuickBooks Team

ACH Transfers through QB Online

Thanks for joining the Community, drefl. 


Welcome to getting paid faster and hassle-free through our QuickBooks Payment. I have some answers to share about the questions you've raised prior to navigating this feature.


If you want to receive payment from your customers via the ACH bank transfer, you'll be the one to enter their bank details upon creating the invoice. These are the account number, routing number, account type, and phone number. 


To secure both of your identity, you need to get an authorization about the transfer from your customer. You can either read them a script or have them fill out a form. Also, the program will automatically mask their bank account and routing number up to the last 4-digits. 


Here are detailed steps on how to set up your ACH bank transfer:

  1. In the Receive Payment screen, select Check in the Payment method field. 
  2. Click the Enter Bank info payment button. 
  3. Fill out your customer's bank account number, routing number, phone number,and name
  4. If you're customer will be using it moving forward, place a check mark in the Use this account information in the future box
  5. Once you're customer authorized it, put a check mark in the I have a signed authorization from my customer box. 
  6. Click Save.
  7. Finally, in the Receive Payment form screen, select Save and Send

You will then receive a receipt confirmation about the payment. Your customer won't need to enter anything, just have them click the Pay Now button and the payment will go through. 


Check out this article for more information:


Process ACH bank transfers right in QuickBooks


One more thing, QuickBooks automatically records the payment to keep your books up-to-date! 


That should do it! You're now on the way of getting paid easily! 


Please let me know if you have questions with the process. I'll keep an eye on your response. 


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ACH Transfers through QB Online

Can ACH transfers be set up to automatically pay the invoice when the recurring invoice is sent to the customer or a certain amount of days thereafter or does it have to be done manually for each invoiced.


ACH Transfers through QB Online

Hello there, @jhentz12


Thank you for posting in the QuickBooks Community. I'd be happy to help share some information about ACH transfers through QuickBooks Online. 


You're correct. To use an invoice for ACH payments, you need to manually select the Payment Method to charge the customer and collects the payment. Currently, you can only set up recurring ACH payments for Sales Receipt.  


Here's how: 

  1. At the top right, click the Gear icon.
  2. Select Recurring Transactions, and click the New button.
  3. Choose the Sales Receipt under Transaction Type, and click OK.
  4. Enter the template name, and choose Scheduled as the recurring type.
  5. Choose a customer.
  6. Under the Interval section, choose Monthly on day 1st of every 1 month(s).
  7. Enter the Start date and the End.
  8. Select the correct Payment method.
  9. Enter the needed information, and click the Save template button.

I've also added some articles for your reference: 

For additional help, you can also reach out to our phone support


That should do it. Drop me a comment below if you have any other questions about processing ACH payments in QuickBooks Online. 

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ACH Transfers through QB Online

but the email I received from QB when the customer pays the online bill says:

"Funds will be deposited in your account in 2 - 5 business days"


I have cases of more than 8 days to be able to have the money in my bank


ACH Transfers through QB Online

Hi Aitor,


When situations like payments aren't deposited to the bank accounts, we'll need to direct you to our Merchant Support Team. They'll ask for your company information to pull up your account. This way they can trace the deposit where it is now. 


You can get our phone number in this article: QuickBooks Merchant Services or QuickBooks Online Support - Who Should I Contact For Help?


Don't hesitate to ask more questions. We'll be here to help. 

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ACH Transfers through QB Online

El problema no es que no aparezca, el problema es que estan tardando mas de 3 dias habiles y eso no cumple lo que ustedes ofrecen.

Look at the last transaction, amzuhnh1, it was deposited on 03/05, today it is 03/10 and it does not even appear in my bank yet. So I can show you several transactions that always exceed the days of transfer.

My account:  IMAINTEGRA LLC - #[removed]6983

QuickBooks Team

ACH Transfers through QB Online

Hi Aitor,


The timeline on how long the ACH payments will be deposited to your bank account depends on when the payment will be deducted from your client's bank and transfer them to yours.


I'd encourage contacting the Merchant support team so they'll know your sentiments regarding with this one. Also, they can help you verify as to why your ACH payments are deposited late. To do this, kindly click this article: QuickBooks Merchant Services or QuickBooks Online Support - Who Should I Contact for Help?.


Please let me know if you have further questions with the ACH  payments. I'll be here to help anytime. 


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