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Applying Invoices to an already printed replacement check?

A check that we cut for a vendor was lost in the mail. As a result we did a quick check replacement for the total amount and voided the previous check. Now all the invoices are showing in our pay bills module. Is anyone able to guide me through how I can assign the invoices to the replacement check?

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Applying Invoices to an already printed replacement check?

Invoices = between you and Customers.

Bills = between you and Suppliers of goods and services.


You would not Void the prior check; you just changed your Financials for that timeframe. You leave the uncashed check. You make an offsetting Deposit entry, no name, and "from" Other Current Liability. This deposit and the uncashed check Clear against each other, next reconciliation, to net 0 impact.


Meanwhile, Pay Out the Liability on the new check. Liability = was not your money to keep. And is not expense again, and is not AP, again.


"As a result we did a quick check replacement for the total amount"


As What? What did you list on the Expenses or Items Tab? Because you Voided the first check, so the Bill is unpaid, and you would use Pay Bills, in this example, to Repay the Open Bill. That is a Bill Payment Check; not a Write Check, with this method.


You would Delete the check you wrote that is wrong; or change it to Other Current Liability and repay the bill to recreate the check # you Deleted/Void.


You just have to pick a lane and stay in it. Either you have a bill that got paid, but then had a banking issue.


Or, you caused the Bill to be unpaid, so you need to Pay it, again.

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