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Attaching receipts to invoices for reimbursement

Is there a way to attach a receipt through pdf or jpg to an invoice to submit it to a client for reimbursement? Or attach it to the email that sends the invoice? My primary client is a fairly large company that tracks things through emails so sending them in a separate email is not going to work very well with them. More than likely it will slow down me getting paid by a payment period, if not cause the invoice to get lost in their accounting and department approval system.

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Re: Attaching receipts to invoices for reimbursement

Good day, MNielson1.


Thanks for joining the Community. Let me provide a few details about invoice limitations of QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE).


The option to attach a receipt on the invoice hasn't been made available. Most of our users want this feature and have viewed this as an opportunity. 


I appreciate your thoughts on this. Our engineers are working to continuously improve the product's features to suit your needs. If I hear any changes about the option that you're looking for, I'll be sure to update this thread.


For any feature enhancements and announcements, I suggest checking our website through this link: The QuickBooks Blog.


That should do it. I'm always around if you have any other concerns. Take care.

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