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Auto Invoice Reminders

Hello! I'd like some clarification on the options available for a QuickBooks Plus user.


With regards to Auto Invoice Reminders, what if any options, are available to continue sending reminders beyond Reminder #3?


My current setup attempt is as follows:

- Reminder 1: 7 days before invoice due date

- Reminder 2: 1 day after invoice overdue

- Reminder 3: 7 days after invoice overdue

? Repeat Reminder 3: every 7 days thereafter


After browsing existing support documentation, I'm assuming that after Reminder 3, that I would have to send the invoice manually, or perhaps set up a recurring transaction or a workflow perhaps (which would require a plan upgrade)?


Any insight towards how I could best achieve my ideal setup as presented above, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Auto Invoice Reminders

Hello there, IsaacLLCO,


I can see how useful it would be to have it set up in your QuickBooks Online account. However, we can only add up to three reminders.


You might want to check out a third-party calendar to send them. Or check out QuickBooks Online Advanced which has the Workflows feature.


You can learn about that here: Use workflows in QuickBooks Online Advanced to send reminders.


Let me know if you need anything else.

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