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Automatic payment for multiple invoices (statements?)

I would be so grateful if someone can help me solve this problem, or suggest an alternative approach!



My customers have multiple invoices a month, and I store their credit card information. 



I would like automatically charge my customers once per month (e.g. the 1st of every month) in one sum, for all unpaid invoices, using the payment on file.



If John Doe charged $10 on March 3rd and $20 on March 22nd, I would like QuickBooks to automatically charge him $30 for the previous month's invoices on April 1st using the credit card he has on stored.


From what I understand, QuickBooks will allow me to process payments per invoice.  I can click "receive payment" and charge the payment that way.  Is there similar functionality to do this with a monthly statement?


And not to press my luck, but because I'm feeling lucky: if someone can suggest a solution, is there a way for this process to automatically occur without me having to intervene at all?


Appreciate the insight!

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Automatic payment for multiple invoices (statements?)

Hi @jbts,


Great question!  With QuickBooks Online, you can set up a sales receipt as a recurring transaction.  This way, that same transaction would be charged each month, on the date that you decide.  Here's how you would set that up:


Set up a recurring sales receipt


However, if your question is can you set it up so that any invoices you have created in a month are automatically charged, the short answer is no; you would have to go through receive payment as you've been doing.


I hope that helps!

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Automatic payment for multiple invoices (statements?)

Thanks for the response!


If I include a recurring invoice on the 1st of each month and select "Include unbilled charges," how does that work if they have, say, three open/unpaid invoices from the prior month?  Does it automatically charge the unbilled charges?


Appreciate your insight.


Automatic payment for multiple invoices (statements?)

Good morning, @jbts,


Thanks for the follow-up question!  Pre-existing invoices would have to be charged on your end, through the receive payment method.  If you set up a recurring sales receipt (keep in mind, recurring transactions only work with sales receipts, not invoices), it will only charge that amount at the same time each month.


For example, if you want to charge John Smith $100 per month, you would create a recurring sales receipt for $100.  That $100 would be charged automatically, each month, until you deactivate the payment.  Any pre-existing invoices would not be affected by the sales receipt.


I hope that clarifies!

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