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We have encountered a problem with the "Balance Due" at the bottom of our invoices in Quickbooks Online (3.5.1 and prior).  When we create multiple invoices for a customer on the same day, the balance due does not show up properly on the invoice itself at the bottom.  It will show only the balance of the first invoice entered, not the second or third, and so on.  See the following images :

2018-05-18 (2).jpg



You can clearly see that the actual customer balance is $697.50 for the two new invoices that are entered, but no matter how many times I open or close them, the "Balance Due" showing on the invoices is just $310.00.  


QuickBooks Team

Hi MissouriCrane,


I've noticed you've posted this in the UK Community, i'm going to notify my collegues in the USA Team to come and take a look at your query, they'll be with you as soon as they can :)



Level 2

Thank you very much, I hadn't realized the location had changed when logging in.


Content Leader

Welcome to the Community, @MissouriCrane.

I can give some clarification on the totals of these invoices. The Balance due that you're seeing at the bottom of the first picture is only the balance of that particular sale and will not include other transactions created for the same customer. I have great news though, there is a way to include a Total amount due on the invoices you send to your customers. Try following these steps:

1. From QuickBooks Online, click the Gear (⚙) icon > select Custom Form Styles.
2. On the template you're using for invoicing, click Edit and head to the Content tab.
3. Near the top, under Account summary, check the Show on invoice box. Now you can see the Balance forward, New charges, and Total Amount due in the preview window.

You also have the option to send customers a statement of their account status as a whole. Everything you'll ever need to know about customer statements can be found in the guide here. Thanks for reaching out, I hope this clears things up. I'm always just a post away if there's anything else you need.

Level 2

Your clarification is incorrect, but thank you for the prompt reply.


I already have the [ Account Summary ] turned on and it also displayed the balance due from the customer overall as ($310.00), not the amount that it should be.  The problem that I'm talking about is when you make more than (1) invoice on the same day for the same customer ... it causes some sort of problem in the system that screws up the balance totals being displayed, causing major confusion for the customer.  If you make each invoice on a separate day, then the problem is not there.  Some of my customer may have 2 or more individual invoices on the same day, which is why I'm posting this issue.

Here is an example of a customer that has multiple open invoices, and the balance system is working correctly on this one.  That is because each invoice has been made on different days.

2018-05-18 (4).jpg


Content Leader

Thank you for detailing that for me, @MissouriCrane.

The first image you attached was of the invoice transaction screen, where the balance forward won't be included since your customer never sees this. On that screen, the $310 is the remaining balance on that particular invoice only. The most recent image you sent was of the actual invoice form being previewed, which will include the Account summary box and add the balance forward to the Balance Due that your customer sees.

To further clarify, when you Print or Preview the $310 invoice, what does the Balance due show? Thanks for getting back in touch with the Community, I'll keep an eye out for your response.


Level 2

I went back into the "Print or Preview" for that invoice (this morning) and it still shows the total balance as $310.00 instead of the correct amount of $697.50.  


But check this out, when I go to create a new invoice today, it now works properly.  It only screws up when you make multiple invoices for the same customer on the same day.  I'm hoping that you can pass this along to the engineers and flag it as a problem.

(Here is the new invoice in Print or Preview)2018-05-21 (1).jpg




Level 1

Did you ever get any resolution to this problem? I see it every time I invoice the same person the same day also. It creates a massive issue for me and makes me want to discontinue services.



Level 2

None whatsoever.  I cannot fathom why there are not more people and companies complaining about this on the forums.  This is the biggest programming flaw that I have seen in an accounting program.  

I'm at the point with some customers who have accidentally paid the wrong amount repeatedly, that I have to use a photo editor and remove the balance due completely from the invoice EACH TIME.  It is a real headache and I'm starting to look at other accounting alternatives.  

I thought that since QB Online was ... online ... that there would be constant updates and addons to make things better, but I've been here almost a year and have seen almost nothing new or any meaningful changes.  This is just another cash grab for Intuit.

Level 2

I am facing somewhat similar problem.  I have custom invoice template but can't incorporate:


1. Balance brought forward

2. Balance payable after this transaction


Can someone help please?




Test invoice


Not applicable

Good day KreativeSignals!


Let me share an update about the incorrect Balance Forward issue you're experiencing.


Our engineers currently tagged this as an ongoing issue with the QuickBooks Online invoices. They're already investigating the exact cause of this unexpected behavior, and are working to get this resolved.


While they do, we would advise you to contact our Online Care Support to get you added to our notification list of affected users. As a workaround, you can utilize the QBO Statements to let your customers view their updated Balance Forward information.


Here's how to do that:

  1. Click the plus (+) icon.
  2. Under the Other section, select Statement.
  3. In the Statement Type drop-down, choose Balance Forward.
  4. Enter the Statement Date, Customer Balance Status, Start Date and End Date.
  5. Mark the customer you're sending the statement from the Recipients List.
  6. At the bottom right, click Save and Send.

Keep me on the loop if you have any questions you need help with QuickBooks, KreativeSignals.

Level 2

Thanks Jen. I have informed QB online care team about being affected user.


I further checked the matter:


1. If I use built in invoice template, it works and shows Account Summary fine

2. But Account summary does not work with custom invoice template; and THIS IS FRUSTRATING!!!  Our own template really stands out, our customers recognize it well and we would like to continue with our identity. 

Level 1
Has there been any update to this issue or is it in the too hard basket?
QuickBooks Team

We also want this resolved, TommyTembo.


Currently, there's a new investigation about the incorrect Balance Forward. To help us fix this, I'd suggest contacting our Customer Support Team. They'll be able to gather more information to come up with a permanent fix.


  1. Go to the Help icon and select Contact us.
  2. Enter "Balance Forward" as a topic.
  3. Click Let's talk. Choose either Start messaging or Get a callback.

Also, as mentioned above, you'll want to use the statement to send an updated summary of your customer's account.


You can always get back to us if you need anything else.

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