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Bank of China payment

I am set up to receive credit card payments through Quickbooks.  My customer has a Visa card from the Bank of  China.  Can I process a payment against that card just like I do for any other Visa card?  Is there anything different because it is China?

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Re: Bank of China payment

Yes, you can process payments against that card just like other Visa cards, Mike114.


QuickBooks Payments maximizes the capability of businesses to accept payments from different financial institutions. 


It's the Card Association, such as the Visa and Mastercard, that processes the credit card payments. As long as the customer's credit balance is okay, then you'll be able to get paid. 


If you're not sure, you can ask your customer directly if their financial institution authorizes us to make credit card transactions.


This is how you can set up recurring payments in your Merchant Center:

  1. From the Home page click on Create a Recurring Payment.
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Enter the customer information, payment details, and payment method. 
  4. Click on Next until you are finish setting up. 

Sharing with you our Community link where you can read blogs and articles about QuickBooks payments:


We are always on the go if you've got more questions about our credit card processing or anything else. Have a great day!