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Level 1 sync with QB Desktop

I'm using QuickBooks Pro 2015 in a multi-user environment on a machine running Windows 7 (I know it's out of date). I am currently testing out and its ability to sync with QuickBooks Desktop. However, I'm running into an unusual problem: After I run a sync in, QB will no longer produce an A/P Aging Report (just shows all zeros). After some experimentation, I discovered that if I put QB in single-user mode, it recognizes the unpaid bills and the report works again. But now it's not working even though I haven't run a sync lately. The folks say everything looks good on their end, and it's probably a QB issue. IF ANYONE HAS INSIGHT ON THIS I'D BE MOST GRATEFUL!

QuickBooks Team sync with QB Desktop

I'm here to help share some inputs regarding the system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop, @RandySteckel.


Let's make sure to update the program to the latest release for maximum use of the functionality. For the detailed steps and instructions, I'm adding the article I recommend depending on the version you're using.


First off, we'll need to create a backup file to make sure that the data will be saved before upgrading. To get started, let's perform the following steps to back up your company file: 


  1. Go to the File menu, choose Back Up Company, then select Create Local Backup.
  2. Select Local Backup.
  3. Click Options.
  4. In the Tell us where to save your backup copies field, select Browse and select the location which to save the backup copy.
  5. Hit OK.
  6. In the Create Backup window, specify whether to back up automatically, and select Options to set options for automatic backups.
  7. Select New to set a backup schedule in the Schedule Backups dialog.
  8. Click Finish.


I've got you an article for your reference: Create a Backup of your Company File.


QuickBooks Desktop 2015 usually works with Windows Server 2003 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2. On the other hand, Windows Server 2016 best works with QuickBooks 2019. 

You might consider upgrading your QuickBooks to the latest version since QuickBooks 2015 is no longer supported.


Here's a link where you can get more details about the product discontinuation: QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation (Disco) policy and upgrade information


However, here is the detailed information about the system requirements for the supported versions of QuickBooks that you can read through for your reference: QuickBooks Desktop system requirements. 


If you've decided to switch over to the new version of QuickBooks, you can refer to the steps in these articles about the QuickBooks process: 


Let me know how this goes and if you need anything else. I’ll be on the lookout for your response. Take care!


Level 1 sync with QB Desktop

Thank you MaryAnn. My takeaway is that I need to upgrade to a newer version of QB and that should make my problem go away. I will give that some thought. 

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