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Level 1 vendor address

Hi, I'm using I have a vendor set up with multiple address lines (street name, po box). When I go throught the payment process and say I want to mail a check, it is only showing me one address line.  Is this a limitation or does it actually use all address lines to mail the check?

Candice C
QuickBooks Team vendor address

Good Morning, @iwc947


I hope your week is going well so far. Allow me to point you in the right direction to get the support you need so that you can fix the mailing address problem with your vendor. 


You're on the right track. The check will only show and allow one mailing address. The reason is that you don't want to send the same check to different locations. However, I do recommend contacting so they use their advanced tools to ensure that all the information looks correct on their end. If you need to change the mailing address for the vendor, they can help with that as well. 


Here's how: 


  1. Open a browser. 
  2. Go to the support website. 
  3. Choose to ask your question from the search bar or click the Contact Us button. 



It's a simple process. For future reference, check out this guide about managing your bills to help your business. 


You'll have peace of mind after getting in touch with the customer support team from Let me know if you have any other concerns. I'm only a comment away. Have a great Tuesday! 

Level 1 vendor address

Hi, thanks for your reply.


So if I have a vendor that has a legal address that has more than 1 line I can't mail them a check? Example:


ABC Company

123 Main Street

Suite 1b

Your town, state, zip


In this case, Suite 1b will not print on the mailing address for the check?


Thanks for your help.


Level 1 vendor address

Hi, thanks for your reply.


So if I have vendor that has the following address:


ABC Company

123 Main Street

Suite 1B

City, state, zip


Are you saying that Suite 1B will not print on the mailing address for the check?




QuickBooks Team vendor address

Hello there, @iwc947.


My peer @Candic_C is correct. You can only print one mailing address for your check. In your case, it looks like Suite 1b is part of the main address. This means that it should print or appear in your check.


Thus, I recommend reaching out to the support team so they can look further into this. To do that, you can follow the steps outlined by my colleague above.


Just in case, check out this link to learn more about aligning checks when printing.


You may also check our help articles in case you have any other QuickBooks concerns: Help articles for QuickBooks Online.


Don't hesitate to drop a comment below if you have other questions. I'm always happy to help. Take care!

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