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Bill Pay and Recurring Bills Not Showing Together

Hi, Is anyone else having issues with the Pay Bills and Recurring Bills not showing up in the same screen? How can I get a clear picture of all upcoming bills?

QuickBooks Team

Bill Pay and Recurring Bills Not Showing Together

Hi there, obrienlog.


Bill Pay and Recurring Bills not showing together because these transactions have a different screen.


When you create a Recurring Bills, this will appears on the Recurring page. That said, all the upcoming bills will show on that page.


Here's how:


  1. Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose Recurring Transactions.
  3. You can click the Filter button to see different template types.
  4. Choose Bills in the Transaction Type drop-down list.





The Bill Pay section appears when you want to pay the bill. You can pay multiple bills and multiple vendors at the same time or pay them one at a time. You can click this article to see more details: Enter and pay bills.


Please refer to this article on how you can run a report that will reflect all payments made to vendors: Run a report with vendor totals.


Let me know if you have other QuickBooks concerns. I'm always here to provide more help.

Level 1

Bill Pay and Recurring Bills Not Showing Together

Thank you for responding.


So, you are saying there is no way to see all upcoming bills in one view?


Bill Pay and Recurring Bills Not Showing Together

Thanks for getting back to us, obrienlog.


Yes, we can only view the Recurring bill templates and the Pay Bills in two separate windows or pages. Just like ChristieAnn suggested, we can filter the recurring Transactions to see your upcoming bills. I'll just add a few steps on how to filter the recurring templates.

  1. In the Recurring Transactions window, click the Filter button.
  2. Select Scheduled in the Template field.
  3. Select Bill in the Transaction Type field.
  4. Click Apply.

Once the bills recurred, they will now show in the Pay Bills window. Links about paying bills were already shared by ChristieAnn.


We'll get back to you if you have more questions regarding the recurring template or paying bills. Have a great day!

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