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Bill Payment terms



For our music store, I recently began using Quick books Online Plus.

One of the primary requirements that we have is for Quick books to manage vendor bill payments with 30/60/90 terms. What this means is that 1/3 of the invoice is due in 30 days, 1/3 is due in 60 days & 1/3 in 90 days. I was led to believe that Quick books Online could manage this. However, when I look at the setup screen for Terms, it doesn't seem to allow for any type of terms with more than 1 payment.


Does anyone know of a way to do this with Quick books Online?

I guess I could do a work around of entering 1/3 of the invoice 3 times but I would prefer not to have to do the additional inputs.


QuickBooks Team

Bill Payment terms

Thanks for reaching out to the Community, EmoryK.

You're seeing things correctly. When setting up preferred invoice terms, there won't be an option for how many payments are expected to be associated with them. Once you've saved your term preferences, invoices you send to customers will display the agreement.

As for paying invoices, a customer can make partial or full payments. This means your clients are able to make more than one payment toward their invoice.

If you'd like to add a notification about this to your transactions, there's an easy way to do so.

Here's how:

  1. Use your Gear (⚙️) icon, then go to Custom form styles.
  2. Choose New style, then Invoice. You can also pick an existing template.
  3. Access the Content tab. 
  4. Click your Pencil (✏️) icon in the footer section.
  5. Enter a message to your customers in the Message to customer on text box. There's also an Add footer text field that can be used.
  6. Select Done.

Now your customers will see your notice on their invoices.

You'll be able to find more information about adjusting payment terms and working with invoices in our following resources:


Please feel welcome in reaching out anytime if there's additional questions. I'll be here to help. Have a lovely day!

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Bill Payment terms

Thanks for the response Zack, however, you mis-read my question.

My question was asking how to manage terms for "vendor bill payments"; NOT Customer invoice terms!



QuickBooks Team

Bill Payment terms

Let me share additional information, @EmoryK.


When creating your vendor's bill in QuickBooks, you can assign one type of payment terms. Currently, the ability to assigned multiple payment terms is not available. 

I understand beneficial it is to your business to use multiple terms in paying your vendors' bills. In the meantime, you can create 3 separate bills and indicate different payment terms on it. You can refer to this article for more detailed steps: Enter bills and record bill payments in QuickBooks Online.


Also, you can visit the QuickBooks Blog to keep updated on the latest product enhancements and feature releases.


I'm just one post away if you have other questions about managing your vendor-related transactions. Feel free to click the Reply button below.

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Bill Payment terms

Thanks for the response IamJuViel.


This is the approach that I am using. However, as I said initially, I don't like work-arounds & I am disappointed that Quickbooks cannot manage this in a better way!

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