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cancellation of quickbooks payroll charged to our credit card

Kindly cancel the quickbooks payroll charge to our credit card on April 15, 2019.


We  are not using this or there is no need for this, we do not have employees under payroll.

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Re: cancellation of quickbooks payroll charged to our credit card

Greetings Liliant,


We’re sad you want to cancel the QuickBooks Payroll ssubscription. However, I’m here to make the process easy for you.

Please follow these steps I’ve laid out below:

  1. Log in to using your Intuit credentials.
  2. Under Products & Services, select the Payroll Subscription that you are canceling.
  3. Choose Cancel Service at the top right.
  4. Select a cancel reason. (For example Business has no employee.)





Here's an article for more details: Cancel Your QuickBooks Payroll Subscription.


If you change your mind, want to explore options or have any problems canceling, please give us a call. We’re here to help day and night.


Here's how to contact us:

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Click Help at the top and choose QuickBooks Desktop Help or press F1 on your keyboard.
  3. On the Have a Question? screen, scroll down and select the QuickBooks support representative.
  4. Choose QuickBooks Desktop, then select Payroll.
  5. Select your payroll product.
  6. Click the Chat with us link.

We'll certainly welcome your business again in the future and would be happy to answer any questions about how you might best use our product for the meantime.


This information should help you get pointed in the right direction. You can always reach out to me if you need anything else. I'm here for you. Have a good one.

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