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Check Alignment

Just upgraded to QB Desktop 2019.  I use checks that I buy from Intuit, so pre-approved, 3 checks to a page.  I know how to align my checks - and the 1st check is fine.  However, the alignment on the 2nd and 3rd checks are off.  How can I fix this??

Thank you!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Check Alignment

We can do a Fine Alignment to the other checks, TJM0721. 


Let me show you how: 

  1. From the Printer setup window, choose the Printer type and the Check Style
  2. Then, click the Align button from the right menu. 
  3. Enter an amount to move the text by inch. 
  4. Print a sample, through a blank paper, to see how it looks. 
  5. Once done, click OK

You can check through this article for more details on how to print your checks: 

I'll be a post away if you need more help. Have a good one!

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Re: Check Alignment

We are having a similar problem- but we are using a 3-part check.  The bottom section is not aligning correctly.  We are trying to print on a new printer off of a new computer and it isn't aligning.   I'm not sure I follow your instructions for the third part.  Thanks-

QuickBooks Team

Re: Check Alignment

Thanks for joining this thread, @TJM0721.


You can follow the troubleshooting steps provided by my colleague. However, we're unable to guarantee compatibility with third-party checks.


If it's still not aligning correctly on your end, you can go to the Intuit Market to find checks designed exclusively for QuickBooks.


Our QuickBooks Checks and Supplies Team can also help you choose a voucher depending on your business needs. Simply hover your mouse to the Phone icon to get the number and call them or chat with a live support. Please see the attached screenshot for your guidance.


Keep us posted on how everything turns out and we'll get back to you.