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Check printing

Does anyone know how to have quickbooks list all invoices on the check that you are paying.   We pay our vendors monthly and sometimes we have up to 40 invoices that we pay on one check.   It will only list 12 and then just gives balance of the remaining.   Does anyone know how to have quick books print a second page with invoice numbers.

Thank you in advance

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Check printing

I can help you print a check for a vendor with multiple bills, nslag.


QuickBooks Online lets you print checks for either standard or voucher checks. Standard checks have three checks per page, and voucher checks have one check per page and include check stubs.


You need to use the Make payment feature through the Vendor's page to pay multiple bills. Let me guide you through the steps:


  1. Go to Expenses from the left menu, then Vendors.
  2. Click the vendor's name to open the profile.
  3. Proceed to the Transactions List tab. then click Make payment.
    create a check for multiple bills.PNG
  4. On the Bill Payment page, click Add all.
    create a check for multiple bills1.PNG
  5. Click Print check.
    create a check for multiple bills2.PNG
  6. Choose Print setup so you can select the type of checks you want to use.
  7. Select Yes, I'm finished with setup.
  8. Click Preview and print to print the check.

Check this link for additional information: Configure your print settings for printing checks.


QuickBooks Online makes it easy to record business expenses. There are several ways on how to enter bills and record payments towards them. Learn the difference between bills, checks, and expenses.


If you wish to pay bills online, check out this link for additional information: What is Online Bill Pay?.


Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with paying bills in QuickBooks. I'm always around to help you.

Level 1

Check printing

It will only allow me to list 12 invoices on the check stub after the 12th one it has a line that says:

Total of additional bills  with the total of addition invoices.   I need all the invoice numbers listed my old system would print a second sheet.


Check printing

Thanks for keeping an eye on this post, nslag.


While the system lets you print 12 invoices from the list, you can send feedback. Let me show you how;


  1. Select the Gear icon at the top, then Feedback.
  2. Enter your comments or product suggestions then select Next.
  3. You'll be provided a list of suggested Help articles related to your comment. You can read through them or select Skip and send message.
  4. From the drop-down, choose the appropriate category, then select Send message.

Your valuable feedback goes to our Product Development team to help improve your experience in QBO. You can track feature requests through the QuickBooks Online Feature Requests website.


Meanwhile, you can check this link to guide you:Print a check in QuickBooks Online.


Don't hesitate to post again if you have any other concerns with QuickBooks. The Community is always open to help you.

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