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Checks cannot be found using the crtl + f command.

1.- I press crtl + f

2.- I select the "check" option from transaction type

3.- I type the check number

4.- Nothing is found


I know there is a check with that number because I can see it in the customer window where it says "received payments" for that customer.


What is going on?

error 1.png error 2.png


Re: Checks cannot be found using the crtl + f command.

Let me get the help you need in searching transaction, Einstein,


You can search payments using the Advanced Find. This will let you do a more detailed search for transactions than you can do using Simple Find. You can also apply filters to your search criteria.


To search the transaction you're looking for, here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Click the Advanced tab.
  2. In the Filter section, select Number.
  3. Enter Transaction number in the Number section. find.jpg

That will point you in the right direction, Einstein.


Keep me posted on how things go. I'm always here to help.

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Re: Checks cannot be found using the crtl + f command.

In QuickBooks the transaction type for a customer payment isn't a Check bug is a Payment.  In QuickBooks a Check is a thing you write out of your bank account, and perhaps print on your printer and mail to someone.


Use the Advanced tab on the find window to set the TransactionType to Payment and the Number to the desired payment number.