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Checks paid more than Bill Amount

We paid a vendor 2 checks but there was no bill. I am retroactively adding bills and applying the respective payments in an effort to clean our books. 


The issue is that the amount we paid the vendor was more than we should have, so when I try to add the checks to the bill in the bill payments section, I am unable to proceed. 


There is an empty field on the top left with no label which I think may be used to add the difference between what we paid and the amount on the bill. If so, do I put negative or positive amount?


I'm sure there's a logical reason for this that I am missing, but in the "payment" field for the bill, why can't I enter the total amount paid if it's higher than the bill amount and simply have a credit (is that the right word if the vendor owes us money?) to apply to a future bill?

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QuickBooks Team

Checks paid more than Bill Amount

It's great to have you here, @haskenazi1.


I can provide you some details on how to connect your check transactions with the bills you created for your vendor. Let's get started!


Here's how:

  1. Create Bill.
    1. Click the Plus Icon.
    2. Choose Bill.
    3. Select the name of the Vendor.
    4. You have the option to create separate bills for each invoice you've receive from your vendors or you can create 1 bill for all the invoice you've received.
    5. Click Save and Close.
  2. Apply check as Bill Payment.
    1. Go to the Expense tab.
    2. Select Vendors.
    3. Look for the name of the vendor.
    4. Click Make payment on the Actions column of the bill you've created.
    5. Enter the amount of the check you've paid to the vendor.
    6. On the right corner of the scree, click Add on the Bill that pops-out when you selected the name of the vendor.
    7. Manually change the amount on the Payment column. 123.gif8. Click Save and Close.

That should do it! As soon as the check transactions you've paid are posted on your bank, and downloaded into QuickBooks. You can now match the downloaded check transaction to the Bill Payment you've recorded.


Please feel free to click the Reply button if you have other questions about creating bills and recording vendor payments for it. I'm always here to help.

Level 3

Checks paid more than Bill Amount

Thanks but this unfortunately does not answer my question. I know how to apply a check to a bill. My question was specific to a situation I've discovered where the checks already posted, were not matched to the bill, and are for more than the bill amount. Making it not possible to add the full amount of the check to the bill. but I think I've since figured it out


Checks paid more than Bill Amount

Thanks for coming back to the Community, haskenazi1.


I'll join this conversation to help you link the checks to a bill.


Since the checks were created before the bill, you'll want to change its Expense account to Accounts Payable. This will allow you to use the checks as credits when paying the bill.


Let me show you how:


To update the check:

  1. Select Expenses on the left pane, the choose Vendors.
  2. Click the vendor's name.
  3. Open the check and change the Category into Accounts Payable.
  4. Click Save and close.
  5. Repeat if needed.

To make bill payment:

  1. Select Expenses on the left pane, the choose Vendors.
  2. Click the vendor's name.
  3. Locate the bill and click Make payment.
  4. Make sure to select the bill and the checks.
  5. Click Save and close.

I'm including screenshots for your reference.





The solution 2 of this article explains these steps as well: Bill shows as unpaid after writing a check. This is a QuickBooks Desktop article. However, the details can be used for QuickBooks Online also.


That information should get you on the right track. I'm glad to provide further assistance should you have any questions. I'm wishing you and your business continued success.

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