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Client gets message "Please open your invoice a different way"


I'm using QB Pro Desktop 2019.  I email my clients their invoices from QB and have the option turned on allowing them to pay with a credit card using Intuit Payment Solutions.


One client just emailed a screenshot that shows the message she gets when she click on the "View and Pay Invoice" button.  It says "Please open your invoice a different way.  We're sorry.  Directly clicking the invoice button doesn't work from your email system."  It instructs them to right-click on the button and paste that link into a new browser or tab.


I bcc myself on all my invoices, so I have the same invoice she does.  I tried clicking on it and got the same error.  I tried to copy the link as instructed and pasted it into a new tab on Chrome and then a new window in Firefox, same error.


No other client has indicated this is an issue, but I'm worried that something is wrong.

Am I missing something?


Screenshot is attached.


Thank you,



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Re: Client gets message "Please open your invoice a different way"

Hi Leland, thanks for adding a screenshot.

When I checked our records, I've found that there's a reported issue about this error. That said, you're not missing something with the process.


Our product engineers are now investigating the root cause why you're customer getting this error. I'd like you to contact our Phone Support so you can be added as one of the affected users. This is to ensure that you'll get a notification for any updates.


Thanks for dropping by. Also, you can leave a reply in case you need more help with QuickBooks Desktop.

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