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Collecting customer credit card information

How are others collecting customer credit card information to input into Quickbooks Online?  We are trying to find a PCI compliant manner to collect this information and retain it in the customer file for future purchases.   We do not want to ask our customer to pay the invoice each time with a credit card via the Pay It Now option.  Our customer agreements state we collect this information for new clients at the onset and retain it for future purchases.  Our current data collection manner will no longer work for us.

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Collecting customer credit card information

Good morning @batvali:


This is a great question! Especially in this world of data breaches and mishandling of documents between client and vendor.  


For my business, I use a program called ShareFile. It’s a secure program that allows me to share documents  with my clients. The documents are shared through a secure portal and are encrypted on the way up and on the way down.


This is super important to note because some of the other programs out there (think Box, dropbox and even Google docs  free version) do not have that feature.


When transferring credit card information, it  is important that it’s done securely. It was explained to me that it’s in the process of downloading and uploading that  Data can be stolen or compromised.


 I hope that helps. If you need to ask more questions feel free. Have a wonderful day! 



Level 3

Collecting customer credit card information


Thank you for the reply and recommendation.  I will certainly explore using a ShareFile as an alternative to our current method.

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