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Constant disconnects with Enterprise 18 and 19

We just bought Enterprise and 2 licenses a month ago to be able to use QB's among both computers.


The office has 6 computers, but 2 of them are used for Quickbooks.  We get disconnects sometimes 2-3 every hour.


It's a simple network.


The Host / Workstation is and the other Workstation is .10.


Both are Windows 10, new computers on a cat5e network.


No matter what we've tried we get constant disconnects.  Ping time between the 2 computers (who are 50 feet apart) is <1ms.


QB support has remoted in a dozen plus times and cannot figure out whats wrong.


Sharing is setup right, no permission issues they could find and other local services work great including a local NAS. 


Really stuck and frustrated...

QuickBooks Team

Constant disconnects with Enterprise 18 and 19

Hi there, magik20.

Welcome to the Community. Let's get this connection issue sorted out for you.

We can try configuring your firewall and Internet security to better isolate this issue. Updating your firewall to the latest release may resolve the issue or you may need to manually configure your firewall software. You can try performing these process.

  • Configure firewall ports automatically.
  • Manually configure exceptions and ports to your Firewall.
  • Configure your Anti-virus or Firewall Programs.

For complete details and steps, please refer to this article:

Also, if the issue persists after trying these steps, I'd suggest reaching out to our Customer Care Team. They have the tools to check on this matter for you. To reach them:

  1. In your browser, navigate to
  2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. In the Contact Us page, click the issue or topic.
  4. On the right side, click the Green Phone button to see the support number.

This should keep you moving today.


I'm just a reply away if you have any questions about these steps or QuickBooks. Wishing you and your business continued success.

Level 1

Constant disconnects with Enterprise 18 and 19

Thank you for responding Betty but I've been through all that 10 times with Quickbooks Support.


Either there is something incomparable with the hardware I'm using (Ubiquiti switch and 2 HP computers)


Or there is a serious bug with Quickbooks.


Constant disconnects with Enterprise 18 and 19

Welcome to the Community space, magnik20.


I appreciate your quick response about the problem with your QuickBooks Desktop.


Since you've done all the necessary troubleshooting steps to fix the issue, I encourage you to give us a call. You can request for a Tier 2 Support Specialist from our Tech Specialists.


One of them will need to perform a series of troubleshooting to determine the cause of the problem. You can reach them through these steps:


1. Go to:

2. Select QuickBooks Desktop.

3. Choose a topic.

4. Scroll-down and click the Get Phone Number button.


If you have any questions concerning your QuickBooks Desktop, please let me know. I'll be around to help.

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