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Convenience Fees

Hi - We have a tutoring business where we have historically collected our fees at the time of service.  We are now starting learning pods and are about to send out invoices for September tuition.  I have informed our clients that we will be charging them a 3% convenience charge for credit card payments.  I use the web version of QB (not sure if it matters) and I can't figure out how I can charge those that pay the invoice by credit card the 3%.  I could add 3% to everyone's invoice and tell them to not pay if if they pay by echeck/ACH but that seems confusing.  I have to believe there is way to do this.  Thanks.

QuickBooks Team

Convenience Fees

I can help you setup and add a convenience fee to your invoices, thines009.


In some cases, your business can charge customers a convenience fee for using a credit card, but there are rules, exceptions and state laws to ensure that you stay compliant with the terms of your merchant processing agreement.


If your state supports charging convenience fees, you can add another line item for the fee. Then, you can add note to invoice about the fee like it is only applicable for those clients who are paying via credit card. 


Heres's how to create a service fee item:


  1. Go to the Sales menu and select Products and services.
  2. Select New and then click Service.
  3. Give the fee a name such as Convienience fee.
  4. Fill out the rest of the fields.Then, select Save and close.

After that you can add this item to existing or new invoices. Before you save and send it to your customers, enter a note about the fee under the Message on invoice field. If you want that the message on invoice be permanent, you can edit the invoice template. 


Let me show you how:


  1. At the upper-right, click the gear icon and select Custom form styles.
  2. Click New style at the upper-right or click Edit for existing invoice template. 
  3. Select the Content tab and at the right portion of the screen select the footer section.
  4. Enter the note under the Message to customer on field.
  5. Click Done.

You may refer to this blog for other recommendations on how to process credit card payments with low fees and how to manage them as well. If you wish to look into our QuickBooks Payments where it allows your customers to pay online with the fees already charged to it. 


If you have other questions you can always mention me in your reply. I'm just around the corner to assist you. You take care and have a great day!

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Convenience Fees


As another option, ask your clients to utilize MP to pay your invoice by credit cards. You will get paid by bank transfer or check for free.



Level 1

Convenience Fees

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