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Credit Card Payments



I just signed up for Quickbooks Payments and linked it to my Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop. I am wondering how to charge the customer the credit card processing fees, so that I get the full amount of their invoice. 


Thank you

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Re: Credit Card Payments

Hi there, ClarkBuilders.


Credit Card processing fee is charged per percentage every time you create a transaction.

For example, when you process an invoice worth $100.00, the processing fee will be taken from that amount.


We can use another work around. You'll add a new item in the invoice for processing fee (select Lists, click on Add new, and set up the item details).


Instead of $100.00 as the amount due, it will become $100+processing fee. Please see the sample invoice:



We received feedback about this from customers. I can surely pass this on to our product developers. It will be reviewed to see if it will be added in our future updates. 


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Let us know if you need anything else. We are here to help. 

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