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Credit Memos - how to keep information from invoice

We create credit memos from the invoice we want to credit memo by choosing refund/credit when we do this it does not keep all the original information from the custom fields we have on the invoice. How can we have it keep the information in the custom fields when we create the credit memo? 

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QuickBooks Team

Credit Memos - how to keep information from invoice

Greetings, jbishop.


Thanks for being part of the QuickBooks family. I’ll be sure to point you in the right direction about keeping the information from your credit memos and invoices.

In QuickBooks Desktop, the template’s interface for credit memo and invoice are different. When creating a transaction, the information entered in the custom field doesn’t automatically transfer.

Every time you create an invoice/credit memo, manually enter the message so it will appear on the transaction’s custom field.  QuickBooks Desktop aims to provide the best experience possible so you can achieve with what you want using it.

I suggest letting our Product Development Team know that adding the auto-fill feature for custom messages is beneficial for your business. Ideas like this will help our Product Development Team identify the features our customers want most.


To send feedback:

  1. Go to Help at the top menu bar.
  2. Click on Send Feedback Online.
  3.  Select Product Suggestion.
  4.  Enter your feedback or feature request.
  5.  Click on Send Feedback.

Please know that I'm always here to help if you have any questions about QuickBooks. Have a great day ahead.



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