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Customer Credit Memo Refund

We are a non-profit membership organization where members pay yearly dues.  I record them by their Unit Number.  Sometimes they pay more than is required so I record the receipt under Non-Profit/Enter Donations.  Then I create a credit memo for the customer/Unit with the overpayment.  When several members from the same Unit do the same thing, I add the overpayment to the Unit's existing Credit Memo.  When it reaches a minimum of $5.00 credit, I issue a refund check.  But the check does not print the entire credit amount.    The Transaction Detail Report shows 7 entries of $2.50/ea with varying paid amounts from $0.95 to $01.19, resulting in a remaining credit balance on the credit memo, when I wanted it be at 0.

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QuickBooks Team

Customer Credit Memo Refund

Greetings, @NCAuxiliary.


Allow me to take this opportunity to provide you with information on how you can issue a credit memos to your customer. Let's get started! 


Here's how to create credit memo:

  1. Click the Customers menu.
  2. Choose Create Credit Memo.
  3. Select the name of the Customer:Job.
  4. Enter the credit memo details.
  5. Click Save and Close.

Once all the credit memo's are created, you can now write a check with the total amount of the refund. Here's how:

  1. Go to Banking.
  2. Select Write Checks.
  3. Choose the Bank account where the check will be posted.
  4. Enter the name of the customer in the Pay to the Order of.
  5. Type in the total amount of the refund or credit.
  6. In the section for Memo, enter the Credit Memo numbers.
  7. Go to the Expenses tab.
  8. Choose Accounts Receivable in the Account column.
  9. Enter the amount of the refund and the name of the customer.
  10. Click Save and Close.


Lastly, to avoid getting  open credit memos and an unapplied refund checks, let's link the credit memo to the check. Here's how:

  1. Click the Customer menu.
  2. Choose Receive Payments.
  3. From the Received from drop-down, select the Customer.
  4. Go to Discounts And Credits.
  5. In the Available Credits section, mark the check you created, then select Done.
  6. Select Save & Close.  


That should do it! Please don't hesitate to click the Reply button if you have other questions about creating credit memo in QuickBooks Desktop. I'm always here to help.

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