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customer's ability to update their credit card information

We need a feature which allows the customer to update their credit card information on their own. I would switch to any desktop or online for this feature.


We have X number of customer on recurring payments AutoPay. But if card expires with have to go all archaic and have them send in a form with payment information on it. Versus them selecting a link to update their own card information. This would be way more secure in mulitple ways since we would even need to see the card infomrmation as well.


Help!!! Dont make me have to customer build this feature!

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Re: customer's ability to update their credit card information

Thanks for posting in the Community, @smartryan.


The ability to have customers update their payment information on their own is a feature that I can see as being helpful for you and others. In the spirit of this, I'm going to submit feedback for this request.


Feedback is sent to the Product Development team when considering what options and features to be added in updates. QuickBooks Online is constantly evolving and improving thanks in large part to users like yourself. 


In the meantime, you can read about new additions to the software at the QuickBooks Blog which can be accessed at the following link: What's New in QBO. Currently, there is an article on the front page about enabling multiple major payment processors that you may wish to check out. Alternatively, you can also browse the QuickBooks Apps Page to see if there are any third party applications that would suit your business needs. 


Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance. Hope you have a good weekend. 

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Re: customer's ability to update their credit card information

I actually came to this forum to post this same request.  We have hundreds of recurring charges and so many of our clients get new cards often that it is super difficult to keep up with and we have to go to Docusign to set up a form to send them to update their card info or call them to get it over the phone.  It's a pain in the derrier.  Would be fantastic if this could happen:


Credit card is run.  If declined, an email is automatically sent to the client notifying them of the rejected transaction and providing a secure link for them to update their card on file.  This would be so so so so helpful! :)

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