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Deleting Customer Payments

We had a customer who gave us the wrong credit card, so she needed multiple charges refunded and charged to the right card. My coworker spoke to merchant services earlier and they walked him through how to reverse the credit card transactions inside of the merchant center. He said they then advised him to simply delete the customer payments within QuickBooks. I'm trying to remove these payments, but I can't. When I try and delete them they tell me "This transaction has been deposited. If you want to change or delete it, you must edit the deposit it appears on and remove it first." The deposit and the merchant service fees came through our bank feed earlier, and I used to the matching feature to match them to the deposit and expense that QuickBooks automatically generates. I'm worried about messing with the deposit. I didn't know if I needed to maybe delete the deposit to delete the payment? I assume then the funds will be moved back into undeposited funds, since we haven't had the money removed from our account yet. We need to be able to charge the customer again on her correct card, but we can't charge the invoices because they show as paid from the previous transactions.


To sum this up quickly, we have reversed customer credit card transactions inside of the merchant center, but cannot remove the recorded payment from QuickBooks itself.


Re: Deleting Customer Payments

Hi jl_aimhigh,


Thanks for joining the Community. Let's go through to your invoice concern one at a time. 


You're almost there. Since the incorrect credit card payment has already been reversed in Merchant Services, the deposit should be deleted before you remove the payment linked to an invoice.


To do this task, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the customer's profile and choose the Transaction List tab.
  2. Locate the payment transaction and click on it to open.
  3. Under the customer's name, click on the Deposit amount date link.
  4. Click on More.
  5. Select Delete.
  6. Choose Yes to confirm.

For your reference, please see attached screenshots.









You can now delete the payment transaction as well. Then, resend the invoice so your customer will be able to pay you with the correct credit card.


This should point you in the right direction. Leave a comment below and tag me if you have further questions. I'm always here to help.

Frequent Explorer **

Re: Deleting Customer Payments

Thanks for the help JaneD! I'm just confused one one thing. The recorded deposit was for multiple customers. How do I delete it just for one customer?Capture.PNG


Re: Deleting Customer Payments

You're always welcome, jl_aimhigh.


You can select one and unlink the payment transaction by removing the checkmark on the Bank Deposit page. Then, delete the payment linked to the invoice. 


I've attached some screenshots that will help.






This should get you going. Let me know how it turns out. I'll be around.