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deposits into closed account

Quickbooks deposited my received credit card payment into a closed checking account. I never received my money. I have since updated my account with merchant services so how do I receive my money now?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: deposits into closed account

Hello there, @Anonymous.


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. I can share some insights on how you can receive the deposit money.


I would love to check the status of your account, but the security of your credentials is my top priority. Phone support has access and tools unavailable to me so that your information is kept secure and private.


I'd advise calling our QuickBooks Payment department to pull up your account and verifying the status of the deposit transaction. They can also give you the instruction on how to receive the credit card payment.


Please let me know how it goes after contacting them. I'm also still here to assist you if you have other QuickBooks concern. Just drop a comment below.

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