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Good morning,

Since we are a small branch of a larger organization, we are not using qkbks desktop exactly as intended. 

When we receive funds they have been entering them directly in the check register. I know.....

Now they are looking to create various reports so I have been entering purchases in PO and processing them. But for the deposits (contributions etc.) should we be entering in Receive Deposits , then Record Deposits in order for any incoming funds to show up on reports down the road?

Thank you!


PS: I am enjoying learning this program very much!

Best answer October 24, 2018

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Totally awesome! All you mentioned makes sense and I will, by all means, review the links you forwarded. Thank you very much!

I am going to post one more question about reports and them get to reading!!!

Thanks again, Laurie

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I’m happy you’ve enjoyed learning how QuickBooks Desktop works, LSE!

Let me share a few things about the Accounts Payable (A/P) and Accounts Receivable (A/R) workflows.

You’re correct. When tracking goods and services you’ve ordered, you’ll have to create purchase order, receive inventory, enter bills against inventory, and pay bills.

To learn more about A/P workflow, check out this article: Accounts Payable workflows in QuickBooks Desktop.

When receiving deposits, you can directly enter them in the check register. However, we recommend using the Receive Payments feature if you’ve created an invoice for it. Then, deposit it in the Record Deposits/Make Deposits screen.

Here's a relevant article that can guide you about recording customer payments: Accounts Receivable workflows in QuickBooks Desktop.


These workflows can be seen in the QuickBooks Desktop Home Page too. Just click the Company menu and select Home Page.


You can also visit the QuickBooks Desktop User Guide 2018 for the step by step guide on how to do various tasks in QuickBooks.


That's it. I'd be more than happy help if you have more questions about QuickBooks. Have a great day!

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Totally awesome! All you mentioned makes sense and I will, by all means, review the links you forwarded. Thank you very much!

I am going to post one more question about reports and them get to reading!!!

Thanks again, Laurie

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I am unable to make my deposits for checks in number order. How can i fix this?


QuickBooks Team


Hi there, @Tammy68.


I'd be glad to help you sort your deposits by check number in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


If you're referring on the deposits under the register, you must sort the transactions by Number/Ref to make the deposits in the number order. Let me show you how.


  1. Go to the Banking page.
  2. Select Use Register.
  3. Select your bank/account.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click the drop-down arrow beside Sort by at the lower left side of the page.
  6. Select Number/Ref.a6 sort by number.PNG

To learn more about bank deposits in QBDT, you may check this article: Deposit customer payments.


You can also visit our Help articles for your reference: Help articles for QuickBooks Desktop.


Please don't hesitate to add a post/comment below if you're referring to something else and if you have any other deposits concerns. I'll be always here to help you!

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Now what about if in this case, I don't have nothing, just my bank statement, how would I record them then?

QuickBooks Team


It’s great to see you in the QuickBooks Community, raulp23.

I have good news to share. You have the option to manually input the transactions or use the IIF feature to record transactions.

For manual recording, you can use the Write Checks feature. I have a few easy steps to accomplish this task.


  1. Go to the Banking menu at the top menu bar, then select Write Checks.
  2. Choose the account where the money will be taken from.
  3. Select the correct payee and the date when you issue the check.
  4. Enter the amount.
  5. Fill in the remaining field boxes, then click on Save & Close.

For visual check out the following screenshots.


old.png old.1.png

In regard to the IIF file, you can use the sample file to practice or as a template for importing transactions into QuickBooks. This allows you to play around without affecting the actual data.


For the step by step process on how to download the sample file, follow this link and proceed directly to the Download and install the .IIF import kit section.

The information I provided should help record your bank data into your company file.

Stay in touch if you have further questions about entering transactions in QuickBooks. I’ll be right here to answer them.


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When will I receive my deposit into my account that has been paid by one of my customers 

QuickBooks Team


Allow me to provide you some information about your deposit speed and guide you on what to do, Bossladydiva.


Deposit speed depends on the product you're using and the type of payment. For new users, we'll deposit your first set of payments within 5 business days. These early deposits take a bit longer while we set up your account. Once we set up everything, we'll deposit customer payments much faster. For credit card payments, it will take 1-2 banking days. Bank transfer payments take 2-7 banking days. Some banks may take longer to process the transaction. To check the status of all your processed payments, follow the steps below: 

  1. Sign in to the Merchant Service Center.
  2. From the homepage, select Activities & Reports and then Deposits.
  3. Select the date range in the Dates field.
  4. Select Search.

Please read this article for more information: Find Out When QuickBooks Payments Deposits Customer Payments. Also, you may want to match Bank Feed transactions in QuickBooks Desktop, go through this article for your reference: Add and Match Bank Feed Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop


Keep in touch if there's anything else that you want us to help with your deposit. We're here to make sure that we'll be able to assist you on time.

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